Kim Kardashian’s Baby Bump Mysteriously Disappears – Is She Padding For The Cameras? (Video)

Kim Kardashian's Baby Bump Mysteriously Disappears - Is She Padding For The Cameras? (Video)

Last night Kim Kardashian stepped out for the opening of Tracy Anderson’s new workout studio in Brentwood, CA. A lot of A-listers were there including Molly Sims and Gwyneth Paltrow, who is part-owner. I wonder if my Gwynnie gave Kim a call before she arrived on the red carpet. It probably sounded something like this, “Um, hey Kim this is G. Look, don’t look like shit tonight. Keep those boobs in your shirt and don’t embarrass us!” You think? Because Kim kept everything nice and contained for Tracy who took on the thankless job of her new trainer. But I don’t want to talk about her clothes too much. We did that yesterday. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Where is the baby bump? Kim Kardashian seems to have left it at home!

Crazy, right? It’s super weird what a difference an outfit and a day make. Two days ago she looked HUGE in her pirate hooker outfit and yesterday she looked like any other pregnant woman starting her third trimester. What changed? How did she do it? Has to be spanx, right? How else can she squeeze into those pants? She was obviously letting it all hang out during her ice cream run or was she padding because she was filming her show? Do you think she freaked when she saw all those pics and wore extra spanx to the opening? I’d buy that. Those pics were not flattering and neither were most of our comments. She couldn’t show up to the same event as Gwyneth looking like a knocked up trailer park mess.


You absolutely must watch the video below. It’s hilarious. The ET reporter asks most of the women on the red carpet what they think about the Kim Kardashian pregnancy weight harassment stories. Gwyneth was judicial as she usually is. Tracy tried to laugh it off but we all know that must have been hard for her since she detests fat of any kind. But Molly Sims had the best response. You can tell she was caught off guard and wasn’t ready for it. She basically said Kim should stop trying to wear what she used to wear because she doesn’t understand what she looks like but then she tried to water it down by calling her fearless or something. Totally adorable! Poor Kim! Even when people are trying to be nice they can’t help but point out her fashion is shit.

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