Kim Kardashian At Kylie Jenner’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party – Selfie Instagram Pic Still Hiding Fat Body (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian At Kylie Jenner's Sweet 16 Birthday Party - Selfie Instagram Pic Still Hiding Fat Body (PHOTO)

Every time I see Kim Kardashian lately its only a head shot or she’s totally covering up her figure. No more of that flaunt what you got business with her. She’s all about if I can’t be skinny then you’re not going to see me. Well then okay.  You get skinny over there and meanwhile I’ll begin to cancel my Keeping Up With the Kardashians DVR recordings from here on in. That way we’ll both  suffer.

I will no longer see the family slowly (chuckle) falling apart and in return Kim will see her fan base die off. The show can’t be the only the interest of the audience without its star putting in some effort as well. Even Kate Middleton knows that and she’s lazy as all heck – Kate at least showed the baby George for 3 minutes and then went back into hiding. Kim just disappeared and expected everyone to be okay with that. We weren’t!

Then the final insult is her stupid selfies. Keeping the cameras on yourself is not a great diversion. It make us even more frustrated about not seeing North West. Is that what she wants, for people to experience nothing but anger every time they look at her floating head without a body in sight?

Her latest picture was at the Sweet Sixteen Party for Kylie. You know the one she lied to E! about not attending. Like that’s going to end up well.

See I’m sorry if I come off as snappy but I’m a the stage that if they don’t roll out Kim’s roly-poly dough self then I have to revolt. She’s been dragging her feet for so long and I’ve seen so many boring and uninteresting pics/videos then I no longer care to be nice. Nor am I along is losing my interest in all thinks Kim K. Her photos that TMZ showed of her outing to the medical clinic with Kanye, covered Nori and the giant nanny were quickly downgraded below those of wrestler Darren Young coming out as gay. Her posts here at CDL have been largely ignored as well. And all I can say is that again, she did this to herself. We can’t even blame Kanye for this one.

Photo Credit: Instagram

  • she’s gorgeous. she inspires me so much to be hard working and never give up on my dreams. i love how she’s considered to be one of the hardest working women in hollywood, which is true. she works her butt off and still looks pretty.