LeAnn Rimes’ Desperate Hypocrisy: Has Been Grammy Winner Stoops To Reality TV (VIDEO)

LeAnn Rimes' Desperate Hypocrisy: Has Been Grammy Winner Stoops To Reality TV (VIDEO)

While in Nashville, LeAnn Rime took a break from taking pictures showing us how she got Eddie (i.e. Wreckergate), to do some interviews where she showed us, “it’s hard making sense y’all.” During her sit down with CMT she made an effort to distract us from her inability to coherently string words together, by talking with her hands, and adding the word important (which sounds like impor-ent when she says it) every few words in an attempt to make herself sound impor-ent.

The bulk of the interview was LeAnn trying to force feed us the VH1 disaster she and husband Eddie Cibrian have been filming – and if the rumors are true re-filming since a lot of the footage ended up on the cutting room floor. Funny this whole reality TV business since, LeAnn queen of hypocrisy once said that she and Eddie would never do a reality show. See right here y’all I gots me proof – a tweet straight from the horse’s mouth (pun totally intended):


Back in 2011 LeAnn called reality TV, “desperate,” which was probably just her way of calling Brandi Glanville who stars on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, “desperate.” Two years and a failed album later, she has found herself desperate enough to beg a network to shoot and air what she calls “script-ality.” Ms. Rimes I hate to get all literal on you but if there is a script it is not reality; and weren’t you the very one who in another effort to talk trash about Brandi said on Jay Leno, “there’s no reality in a reality show.

So there you have it Ms. Rimes has admitted – on record – that reality shows are totes fake, but yet wants us to believe that this show is a glimpse into their reality, saying “There’s a lot of comedy, there’s a lot of heart. We definitely approach some heavier topic, but we always laugh at everything. That’s just who we are.” Oh my gawd is she serious! That ridiculous statement is what I call pure comedic gold. Girl spends half her day arguing with strangers on Twitter, suing people, and trying to get journalists fired and yet she wants us to believe that she just laughs it off. Now THAT is funny.

In truth the LeAnn and Eddie circus show is just a lame attempt to try and change their failing public perception, by having writers skillfully create them into the characters they want us to believe they are. Let’s be real if LeAnn and Eddie filmed their true reality it would just be a bunch of footage of LeAnn tweeting her day away while hiding in Brandi’s bushes with a flask, while Eddie is off volunteering his time as a “coach” to young actresses looking to break into the industry – because he is such a giver (*cough) like that.

The point is, when LeAnn still thought her music career had a chance, she said in no uncertain terms that she and Eddie would never become lowly reality stars, “because that is like so lame y’all and I am like an impor-ent Grammy winner.” But now the “has-been” singer had to actually beg a network to take on their project and allow them the chance to be reality stars. And that my Celeb Dirty Laundry friends is what they call a, “fall from grace.”

  • Angel 2009

    Take a long sabbatical LeAnn. Stay away from social media. Stay away from Brandi. Stay away from the press. You are not believable and the hole you are digging for your career just keeps getting a little bigger every time you open your mouth.

  • EmilyTrainham

    Oh, LOL, she is so ridiculous.

  • Pamela

    Oh LeAnn, please zip it.

  • Jenni

    Eddie Cibrian is one desperate man to stay with this woman.