Miley Cyrus Hates January Jones – Calls Her A “Whorebag” For Liam Hemsworth Hookup (Video)

Miley Cyrus Hates January Jones – Calls Her A “Whorebag” For Liam Hemsworth Hookup

I have heard it said that January Jones gets whatever January Jones wants and apparently last month she decided that what she wanted most was a night or two with Liam Hemsworth.  There’s absolutely no reason at this point to think that Liam didn’t oblige.  The two were spotted looking a little too cozy in the backseat of a car leaving the Oscars and a week or so later Miley Cyrus was ring-less and rumors of Liam’s dalliance were swirling.

Liam booked himself a long trip back home to Australia as Miley’s friends worry that she is spiraling out of control with grief. As for January, well she’s just great. She didn’t exactly deny the affair when photographers caught up with her last week and she was beaming with joy during Paris Fashion Week according to Life & Style Magazine.

January seems to be following in the high heeled footsteps of Sienna Miller, who was once thought to be Hollywood’s biggest home wrecking whorebag.  January has been linked to several married celebs and she just doesn’t seem to give a damn who gets caught in all the wreckage that she causes. She just steps in, gets hers and then gets out of there before the guy’s relationship implodes. January ends up beaming (or knocked up) and acts like it’s all just fine.

But is it? Ironically, January is doing exactly what men have proudly done forever. Think about it, Tinseltown’s most prominent actors have bedded a string of hot chicks without any hesitation and it’s not just accepted, but considered to be expected.  January adopts the same attitude and then practices what she preaches and guess what – you, me and the lady next door all think she’s a pretty big trash bag. Interesting double standard that has been set, isn’t it?

As for January, Hollywood wives better keep an eye on their men when she’s in the room.

Do you blame Miley for cutting Liam loose? Would you have done the same? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet