Paul Walker’s Parents, Brothers and Sisters React To His Tragic Death – Grieving Privately

Paul Walker's Parents, Brothers and Sisters React To His Tragic Death - Grieving Privately

It has been nearly 24 hours since word first leaked out that Paul Walker was killed while taking one last joyride before leaving a charity event that was aimed at aiding typhoon victims in the Philippines. He and “brother at heart” Roger Rodas got into a cherry red 2005 Porsche Carrera GT that moments later ended up in a fireball after being seared upon collision with a tree and pole. The first few hours after news broke we spent plenty of time sifting through information to make sure that this wasn’t some horrible hoax and then eventually Paul’s managers issued a statement making it all very real.

In the wake of that announcement Paul’s friends and coworkers have spoken out in droves, expressing their shock and pain, especially his Fast & Furious costars who were all taking a break from shooting the franchise’s seventh film.  His family has yet to issue a statement, probably because sources say the close knit group is holed up together somewhere near Glendale, CA just trying to absorb the shock. His parents, Paul William Walker III and Cheryl (nee Crabtree) Walker separated nearly a decade ago, but they spent over 20 years together raising 5 children in the Mormon tradition. So while the marriage crumbled the sense of family has remained strong.

In interviews Paul often discussed the extreme importance of family and he was extremely close to his brothers, Cody and Caleb, as well as sisters, Amie and Ashlie. Paul was raised with religious values and it was obvious that some serious family values did make a major impression. There’s a good chance that the family will issue a statement tomorrow after taking a full day to absorb the shock before slowly piecing together what will come next.

Paul also left behind a 15-year old daughter, Meadow Rain Walker who also has yet to speak. A fake Facebook page popped up with her supposedly issuing a statement addressing her father’s death. It was quickly pegged as a fake and hopefully has been taken down by now. Meadow was actually at the charity event with her father and was part of the chaotic group of people that ultimately watched in vain as his car burned. She moved in with her father in 2011 and Paul was absolutely thrilled to be raising his daughter. The two bonded quickly and were really tight at the time of his death. No word yet on whether Meadow is in seclusion with the rest of the Walker family but it’s likely.

The family has reportedly asked for privacy right now and so far the media seems to be honoring their wishes. Do you think we’ll hear from them soon? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!