Pippa Middleton Dumped By Book Agent, Did Kate Middleton And The Royals Win?

Pippa Middleton Dumped By Book Agent, Did Kate Middleton And The Royals Win? 0322

The love affair is over – no more book deal. Pippa Middleton and her agent, David Godwin, have gone their separate ways. Was Pippa Middleton dumped or was she the one to cut ties? Godwin is playing it cool but he did tell The Telegraph, “I am very sorry it has happened, but yes, it is true: I no longer represent Pippa and I wish her every good luck.”

You’d think Godwin would have been the one to pull the plug since sales for Pippa’s book Celebrate sucked big time. She originally wanted a three-book deal but rumors circulated that they ditched that idea once they realized the royal family wasn’t going to let Pippa play ball and promote. Godwin must have realized the whole thing was a lost cause.

So, did the royals win in the end? It’s no secret they were less than supportive of her burgeoning writing career. And Kate Middleton wasn’t much help there either. She pretty much rolled over on that one. All I can do is think about all those lame stories about the royals trying to fix Pips up with a dude to get her mind off of making something of herself. Now that she has Nico Jackson is Pippa over the whole working woman thing? That would disappoint me so much! Pippa’s boring as all hell, don’t get me wrong, but I thought I saw something in her – some spunk, some hunger. Was she just biding her time until a husband came along? True, she’s still writing that column for the grocery store chain but that’s a long step down from author. How long will that last once the ring is finally on her finger? I just wanted more. I wanted Pippa to be everything Kate couldn’t be. Was I wrong in thinking Pippa could be that modern girl? Are the social chains from the castle too strong?


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