Pippa Middleton Planned Kate Middleton Baby Bump Bikini Pics With Mother Carole (Photos)

Pippa Middleton Planned Kate Middleton Baby Bump Bikini Pics With Mother Carole (Photos)

Pippa Middleton’s book, Celebrate, was a huge failure. She gave up her choice job at party planning firm, Table Talk. And her love life is up in the air. Meanwhile, big sis Kate Middleton is living the good life. And don’t forget it was Pippa with her mad social climbing skills who helped Kate get that ring on her finger by escorting her around town during one of her breakups with Prince William. But Kate couldn’t care less about Pippa’s life – just as long as Pipster doesn’t do anything scandalous that’ll cast a shadow on her perfect life with Will. That’s not fair, is it? No, and Pippa doesn’t think so, either.

That’s why Pippa is secretly elated that Kate’s baby bump was snapped and delivered to the press. In fact, she was the one who dreamed it up and got her mother, Carole Middleton, in on the action. They’re all there with Will and Kate, by the way, the whole Middleton clan. Winter in Mustique is something this family does yearly. The whole world knows that Carole loves feeding stories to the press to keep her daughters squarely in the limelight and further the family’s lofty social ambitions. But for Pippa, these pics serve a double purpose. Sure, they get Kate some positive press by looking all glowing with her baby bump. But they also show Kate as a lazy, useless royal taking yet another luxurious holiday on the exclusive island of Mustique while her lowly subjects back in Britain suffer through long days at their low-paying jobs just to have a shabby roof over their heads. So sneaky…

Way to get back at big sister Kate, Pips!

And those snaps also come with shots of Pipster herself – frolicking on the beach with a certain James Matthew, big bro to Made in Chelsea’s cast regular, Spencer Matthews.

So now Pippa has maneuvered herself back into the limelight. No one’s talking about her silly book and what a waste of trees’ lives it was to print. They’re back to talking about all that Pippa really has to offer – her bum, to any man as long as he’s wealthy. A title helps, too!

Photo Credit: Chi Magazine and Star Magazine

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