Rihanna Phones Chris Brown After Seizure and Rushes Back Home – Couple Back Together In Love

Rihanna Rushes Home To Chris Brown After Seizure - Couple Back Together In Love

Although everyone assumed that Rihanna and Chris Brown were over, it seems as though that might not be entirely accurate. According to sources, Rihanna was extremely worried after hearing of Chris’s seizure earlier today, and she wants to spend time with him while he’s recovering.

While there’s absolutely no guarantee that Rihanna and Chris Brown will get back together in the long run, they do have an incredibly long and complicated history together. Clearly, Rihanna doesn’t care that this guy is the same person that beat her face in two years ago, especially since she keeps going back to him. I mean, I don’t really know what else to say. I think the public’s feelings on Chris Brown are obvious, despite the few fans and supporters that he has here and there. By and large, everyone hates his guts, and I think everyone hoped that Rihanna was done with him for good. But based on this latest report, it certainly doesn’t look like it.

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