Teresa Giudice Split With Husband Joe Giudice Ordered By Brother Joe Gorga – RHONJ Season 5 Episode 4

Teresa Giudice Split With Husband Joe Giudice Ordered By Brother Joe Gorga - RHONJ Season 5 Episode 4

In the June 23 Season 5 Episode 4 of Real Housewives of New Jersey we start to get to the heart of the matter with all of the families. There isn’t merely name calling, but some things that were previously undisclosed start to surface.

Of course this episode features the usual Teresa Giudice bashing. Kathy Wakilie vents to her sister Rosie Pierie and their mother. Jacqueline Laurita complains to her trainer that Teresa feels she is the one who needs to apologize. Jacqueline also says in her talking head she is not stalking Teresa at the gym. At Rich and Victoria Wakile’s birthday party Melissa Gorga makes her point to Caroline Manzo again, saying she is not the bad guy in the ongoing feud between her husband Joe Gorga and his sister Teresa. In between all the bitching we hear what the women have been thinking but never said out loud.

During dinner with her mother Maria and sister Rosie Pierie, Kathy mentions her kids went to visit their uncle (Teresa’s father and her mother’s brother Giancinto Gorga) in the hospital. Everyone enjoyed the visit very much. Kathy mentions in her talking head that her mother has not spoken to her brother in a very long time, therefore Maria also has not been to the hospital. I find it hypocritical that Maria won’t make up with her brother, but she expects her daughters to make up with Teresa. Serious problems between the elder Pieries and Gorgas go back many years.

Faux Reality Entertainment suggests that since Kathy’s father brought Teresa’s father to the United States (therefore bringing her to the U.S.) from Italy, Teresa owes all her success to Kathy’s family. The website also suggests Kathy has wanted to collect on this huge favor for many years, and possibly vindicate her dad who was injured by the elder Gorga. I’ve noticed all along that Kathy was not the warm mother who preached respect. She got in her shots the last two seasons and at the reunion shows.

The Manzo brothers Albie and Chris are opening a restaurant in Hoboken called Little Town New Jersey. Their venture with their uncle Chris Laurita BLK water tanked. The brothers decided to partner with some friends to open a restaurant hoping it will give them a steady income. Both brothers grew up in the restaurant industry, working for their dad at The Brownstone catering hall. Caroline reveals her sons feel they want to be successful but at the same time they feel they could never fill their dad’s shoes. Albie in particular is sensitive to the issue. Due to a learning disability he was released from law school and did not win his appeal to be re-admitted or to transfer to another law school.

In this episode we hear about Melissa Gorga’s marriage advice book. Once again Melissa is riding Teresa’s coat tails. First she wanted to be famous and pushed to be on the same show as her sister-in-law. Now she sees how successful Teresa is with her cookbooks and Melissa feels she has something to offer. She says in her talking head she loves to give advice. Melissa’s tagline this season is “sexy wife, happy life. Take a page out of my book.” Her music is not doing that great so now she has to give advice because that’s all she has to offer.

Like Caroline’s advice book, I don’t expect Melissa’s book to sell many copies. Advice books are a dime a dozen. Teresa’s books are very original and fill a niche. Teresa’s books also emphasis family and Italian traditions. All of Teresa’s books are New York Times best sellers. Melissa and Caroline will probably never admit it, but they are jealous of Teresa’s success. Why else would they want to follow in her footsteps?

Melissa’s deadline is looming but she is no where finished. Melissa tells the publisher she is taking her time so she can it get right. The publisher asks Melissa if she will be including any information on her father in the book. Melissa is hesitant and still thinking it over because he was a great dad but a terrible husband. We knew Melissa’s father died when she was a teenager, but now we know he died in a car accident. Mr. Marco hit a tree when he was driving on a rainy night. Melissa reveals she wanted to marry someone who would support her like her dad. She sees her dad in her husband. This kind of statement reinforces the belief Melissa married Joe for his money. It was previously reported Melissa lived with her boyfriend and when she saw Joe had money she decided to be with him.

At the end of the episode we finally see Teresa and Joe talking together. They run into each other in the gym. The conversation is tense and emotional. Joe tells Teresa he doesn’t like that her husband called her the “c” word. He thinks Joe treats his sister and his nieces badly. I can see Joe is trying to get through to his sister with tough love, not to rub salt in a wound. Joe also tells Teresa she is obsessed with Melissa. Teresa retorts Joe is obsessed with her husband. Joe sarcastically says she is obsessed with a cheater. I can see in Joe’s eyes he is hurting while telling his sister what he really thinks. Teresa is very upset about what she is hearing and storms out. She isn’t just mad or annoyed. Teresa feels injured all over again.

Teresa Giudice Split With Husband Joe Giudice Ordered By Brother Joe Gorga - RHONJ Season 5 Episode 4

Next week we some cracks in Rich and Kathy Wakile’s marriage. She has been clearly annoyed with him so far this season. Now we will see a different side of their marriage. The Wakiles are not the perfect family Bravo portrays.

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