The Originals RECAP 11/26/13: Season 1 Episode 8 “The River in Reverse”

The Originals RECAP 11/26/13: Season 1 Episode 8 “The River in Reverse”

Tonight on the CW their new fastasy drama, THE ORIGINALS continues with a new episode called “The River in Reverse.”  On tonight’s show when an unsuspecting Marcel uncovers some upsetting information involving Klaus, a confrontation ends in a surprising twist.  Did you watch the last episode before the hiatus?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On the last episode when someone from Hayley’s past made a startling revelation, she grew concerned for herself and the baby. Amidst growing tensions between them, Klaus and Elijah turned to Sabine for help in locating Hayley, who had gone missing. After making a trip down to the bayou, Klaus had a surprising and dangerous encounter with an unexpected visitor. Meanwhile, Davina made a surprising connection, and Marcel made Rebekah an enticing offer that left her torn.

On tonight’s episode Rebekah, facing a difficult decision, turns to Father Kieran (guest star Todd Stashwick) for guidance. Elijah struggles with the consequences of a recent fallout with Klaus. Hayley remains by his side but is soon drawn away by a mysterious figure who sheds some light on her past. Meanwhile, a frustrated Cami struggles to make sense of a cryptic message she’s come across. Finally, when an unsuspecting Marcel uncovers some upsetting information involving Klaus, a confrontation ends in a surprising twist. Jesse Warn directed the episode written by Declan de Barra and Julie Plec.

We hope you stop by for this epic show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season further explores their complexities and character quirks.  Make sure to come back here later tonight at 8 PM EST for your LIVE recap. While you wait for the recap, check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Rebekah laments that she should never have come back to New Orleans. She’s sitting in the confessional airing he sins to Father Kieran. She says she’s been alive for 1,000 years and is overdue for some absolution. He agrees to hear her confession. She tells him she has sinned, is a liar, a betrayer and has conspired against her own blood and that even God can’t save her.

24 hours earlier – Klaus is drinking from a human house guest – looks like Cammie – that he has drained into a crystal goblet. He asks Rebekah if she’s heard from Elijah. He tells her Elijah is suffering from the hybrid’s bite and is sweating it out in the swamp. She says she’s keeping her silence so she doesn’t get bitten herself. He tells her that Elijah made bold and ugly assertions about his intentions toward his child and he deserves to suffer for a day or two. He reminds her that his preferred way to punish her is to dagger and coffin her.

Elijah is with Hayley in the swamp and is miserable. She tries to make him comfortable and tells him to remind her to annihilate Klaus once he’s better. He tells her she’ll need to get in line. Elijah is coughing horribly and tells her to go back to reading her family bible. She says she’s read the whole family tree and the last entry may or may not be her.

He tells her the fever is going to take him and that he will start saying terrible things and that she must leave. She refuses to leave him. A blonde woman watches the cabin from the tree line.

Marcel shows up to introduce Tyler to the daywalkers so he can tell them about Klaus’ other transgressions. Marcel tells them if they stick around that they’re signing up for battle. Tyler tells them the story about how Klaus became a hybrid and about Hayley who Klaus has now knocked up. He tells them that Klaus turned werewolves into hybrids – himself included.

Tyler says they were faster and stronger than wolves or vamps and that their bite could take down a vampire. He tells them that the problem was they were sired to Klaus and had to obey.

Diego asks if that’s why he’s there – to do Klaus’ bidding. Tyler explains that he broke loose of the sire bond and taught the other hybrids to do it as well. But Klaus killed the rest of them as punishment for disobedience. The door to the bar opens and Rebekah walks in – she tells them that’s what Klaus does – he punishes people for betrayal. She tells them to carry on and says she’s fascinated.

Rebekah tells Tyler hello and says that Klaus can use the baby’s blood to make more hybrids. Rebekah asks if he’s there to try and rally them to put an end to the baby. Tyler thinks she’s there to plead Klaus’s side or to protect him but she says the last thing her crappy brother needs is to sire a whole new dominant species. She tells Marcel he can tell them the truth and he reveals that Rebekah is there to help them.

Rebekah says “but first” and then speeds over and snaps Tyler’s neck. She plops down in the chair and says that’s enough talk about harming the baby. She says that Klaus is the one they need to put a stop to!

Klaus talks while Cammie types what he says on a typewriter – it’s Hemingway’s typewriter. She complains and tells him to get a laptop. He tells her to keep typing. He’s upset that they think he would use his baby for gain. He tells her he wishes he had the daggers so he could put them all back in their graves. She says that he keeps repeating himself – complaints about how the family is all plotting his own downfall.

Cammie says that he is the architect of his own unhappiness and keeps making the same bad choices over and over. She tells him that he compels her to come there because she has a masters in psychology and he wants to be analyzed. She tells him he’s scared and he says he’s scared of nothing. He sees a sketch and asks what it is and she says it’s a tattoo design. He says to fiddle with it on her own time. She tells him this is her time that he’s stealing from her. He compels her to come, compels her to talk to him and type and then compels her to forget it all the moment they’re apart. She stomps away.

In the crypt, Marcel tosses down Tyler’s body and asks Rebekah where she wants him. She says to stick him anywhere until they have Klaus taken care of. She tells him once they have Klaus they need to put him away from the others – she says he can talk his way into getting people to help. He says he’s going to put him in the back for 52 years. She asks why that many and he says one year for each year Klaus kept Rebekah daggered. Marcel promises to spend every year of that time making it up to her.

Rebekah asks him about using Davina to help trap Klaus and Marcel says they can’t because she can barely control her magic. She says if they can’t use the witch they’ll need his most powerful warriors. She says she’ll do whatever it takes to keep him from making her niece a hybrid baby making machine. Rebekah reminds him how nasty Klaus gets about betrayal. Marcel reminds her that they are only doing to Klaus what he has done to her and her brothers and asks if she’s having second thoughts. She says they’re just regrets for not putting him in the ground sooner so she and Marcel could be together.

Hayley is by the water when Elijah screams and starts to thrash. She rushes back in. He’s hallucinating and calls her Celeste. Then he comes to and apologizes. She asks who Celeste was and says she was smoking hot. He let her into his thoughts while he was hallucinating. He tells her to go and she insists on taking care of him. He sits up and tells her they’re being watched. She looks out the window and sees the woman in the trees. She rushes out but the woman rushes away. Hayley doesn’t follow.

Klaus heads to the waterfront and finds Josh there working on his car in a garage. He tells him he has a part for him to play. Josh pulls up and tells Marcel that Klaus ordered him to steal a dagger from him. Rebekah says he’s onto them and Marcel says it’s not true or else he would have ripped Josh’ spine out. Marcel tells him to tell Klaus that he has the dagger on him.

Josh says that Marcel is surrounded by his daywalkers and is on high alert and that he heard him arguing with Diego about clearing out their headquarters for a date that night. Klaus tells Josh that he did good work and that when he takes over the city he can have a daylight ring but tells him if he ever betrays him that he will make sure that he spends all of his eternal life suffering and wishing for death to come and end his torment. Klaus stalks away and John whispers “adios Klaus!”

Kieran prays in the church when Klaus sneaks up on him. Klaus offers him his flask and says the liquor will wake the dead. Kieran takes it and sips. Klaus tells him he’s there to talk about Cammie. He says he must know about the gaps in her memory. He says he’s been compelling her. Kieran says he knew it was vampire problems but wasn’t expecting a confession. Klaus tells her that she can’t find out what happened to her brother or else she’ll dig and dig and it will end up being the death of her.

Klaus says she needs to leave New Orleans but it needs to be her choice. He tells Kieran he cares about Cammie’s survival and says there is a war coming and she needs to walk away so she doesn’t become collateral damage. Klaus says he doesn’t want to have to compel her to go.

Elijah is sweating and hallucinating. He sees Celeste again. She’s in a tub and tosses her sponge at him. Celeste tells him that Klaus is challenging others to duels and Elijah says he’s tired of sacrificing his happiness to deal with Klaus’ troublemaking. He asks her to spell him into obedience and she says it would take 100 witches. He kisses her passionately.

Elijah begs Hayley to leave her – he says he’s being flooded with tortuous memories and he doesn’t want her to pay the price for helping him. Hayley says she doesn’t care if he’s having retro sex dreams. He asks about their watcher and she thinks she’s the one who left the bible. Elijah tells her to go find her and find out about her family but she insists on staying to care for him.

Klaus walks into Marcel’s courtyard and tells him he has something of his that he wants back. Marcel holds out the dagger and says he can’t return it. Rebekah walks out and takes the dagger and Klaus asks what this is. She tells him they have had enough of his behavior. Marcel whistles and the courtyard fills up with daywalkers ready to battle Klaus. Klaus says it’s biblical that his sibling thinks to punish him for his wrongdoing.

Klaus asks if they think they can subdue him with this and he gestures to the crowd. Marcel says no, but maybe with this and he whistles again and the courtyard floods with even more vampires – there must be more than 100 there ready to take the hybrid on!

Back in the cabin, Elijah sweats and hallucinates. He calls for Celeste and says forgive me. We see Klaus dueling back in the day. He fires and puts a bullet in the other man’s head and shouts “is that it?” He demands to know if this is the best New Orleans has to offer. Elijah rushes out and cautions him that his actions are going to bring their father down upon them.

Klaus says he has blamed the witches for all of the bodies that have been turning up. Elijah is horrified that his Celeste could pay for Klaus’ murders. Klaus tells him that harlots are a dime a dozen in the street and tells his brother to find another. Elijah grabs a pistol and shoots him. The other men go running away. Klaus plucks the bullet from his chest and tells him that they’re rounding the witches up to burn as they speak.

Elijah wakes screaming and then his eyes turn crazy and he grabs Hayley by the neck and pins her to the wall. He’s choking her when suddenly he goes down. The woman whose been watching them put a stake in him and he collapses. Hayley tells her hello to you too.

Klaus tells Marcel that they should end the charade. He reminds them that he’s an Original and can’t be killed and he’s a hybrid. He asks them how long they think Marcel can stay in power. He says that if any of them releases him he would be in their debt and the rest of them would meet spectacular ends. He holds up a coin and says whoever picks it up gets to live.

He tosses it down and asks which of the magnificent bastards wants to join him. Marcel tells them the choice is their’s if they want to join Klaus. No one moves. Klaus is surprised but then the attacks start. He easily takes out the first two and then they toss chains around his arms and go to work beating and stabbing him. Diego beats him and the others take shots stabbing and beating him.

They think they have him subdued but then Rebekah sees his eyes change and the blood lust takes over. He yanks those who hold the chains and begins to slaughter them all. Marcel starts to run away and Rebekah stops him. She begs him to take the coin and pledge allegiance to Klaus. She says he won’t stop until he’s killed them all. She begs him. Marcel yells stop and takes the coin. He pledges allegiance and tells Klaus that he has the keys to his kingdom – he tells Klaus “it’s yours.”

Cammie is scrubbing the graffiti off her brother’s grave when Kieran stops by. He says that people need time to heal and they haven’t gotten over that her brother killed innocent people. Cammie says she thinks she’s losing it and says she found this in her pocket. It’s a note written to herself in the same secret code she and Sean used to write to each other as kids (that she told Klaus was a tattoo). Kieran tells her to take a break and put her thesis on hold and leave town for a while. She says she can’t go because this note means something. Kieran begs her to go.

Hayley asks who the woman is and why she’s following her. She tells her name is Eve and says she’s following her because she brought an Original to werewolf country. She tells her that Marcel killed most of the werewolves and that the survivors were cursed by witches. So now the others are wolves full time and only human on the full moon. She explains that the crescent moon birth mark is the sign they use to hunt them down. Eve says she burned hers off and that Hayley needs to keep her mark covered.

Elijah comes out of the cabin with the stake in his hand. He’s not happy about finding it in his back but Hayley talks him down. Eve walks away. Hayley tells him that she’s part of her family.

Someone plays a funeral dirge on the sax while Marcel watches Diego and the others splash down the dead vamps bodies with alcohol so they can burn them. Klaus walks up and asks if he’s watching what he wrought. Marcel tells him if he’s going to kill him to go ahead and do it. Klaus says he won’t kill him because he picked up the coin. He tells Marcel there are rules to battle and says without them there would be anarchy.

Klaus says he wants Marcel’s living quarters and he readily agrees and says he can put him on the street but he’ll never have the loyalty that Marcel inspired. He says that only comes from love and respect and people believing in you. He tells Klaus that he taught him many things but the one thing he never seemed to know and that he had to learn on his own – you can’t buy love or loyalty. Marcel tells him to enjoy his kingdom. He walks away. Klaus watches Diego light the pyres.

Hayley and Elijah pull up in front of the plantation house. She tells him thanks for the ride and he tells her it was an awkward little adventure. Elijah apologizes for trying to hurt her and she asks what happened to Celeste. She says out of 1,000 years of memory since it broke through it must be important. He asks her to show him. He touches her head and she sees Elijah find Celeste’s bod drowned in her tub. He pulls her out of the water crying and puts his head to her. He screams in agony.

Elijah tells her it was a cruel and bloody time to be a witch courtesy of Klaus. He tells her it was his fault that she died because he focused on her instead of reigning in Klaus. Hayley asks why he’s there trying to put his family back together when they are so broken. Elijah tells her that his one goal for his long life is to find Klaus’ salvation. She touches his hand and he tells her no – he tells her she can see what happens. He puts her hand aside.

Klaus holds the dagger in his hand as Rebekah approaches. She tells him that Elijah is home but there’s only one dagger and asks who he’ll be punishing today. He says he thought about eeny meeny miny mo. He tells Rebekah she betrayed him and that Elijah has earned Hayley’s adoration. He says that his child will grow up calling Elijah father. Rebekah lashes out and says that they have never abandoned him – that he always leaves them.

Klaus tells them that he’s been working hard. He says he brought them here to take back their ancestral home and that he didn’t want Rebekah to make the same mistakes with Marcel she had before. He says that instead of them believing he could want the best for his child that they sided with his enemy. Klaus is crying. He tells them that he has his home back and that he’s going to go live there. He tells them they can stay there together and rot. He hands them the dagger and walks out.

Klaus stomps outside and tells Hayley that she’s coming with him. She asks why she should and he tells her that the little baby inside of her is the only thing he cares about on this earth and that she can fight him but she’ll lose. He opens the car door for her and says that anyone who tries to stop her from getting in the car will lose as well. She stomps over and climbs in.

Cammie tells Kieran she figured out the note. She says she was trying to send herself a message and she cracked it – she translated Klaus Picayune 1919. She found the old newspaper and it showed a photo of Klaus and Marcel. She tells Kieran she knows both of those men.