Who Will Be Voted Off The Voice Tonight 11/26/13? (POLL)

Who Will Be Voted Off The Voice Tonight 11/26/13? (POLL)

The amount of talent on The Voice season 5 is incredible, and there are many moments when I feel like it just might be the best singing competition on TV. Last night, we saw the contestants give some amazing performances. If you missed the epic voices, don’t worry you’re little hearts, because we recapped the episode for you in full RIGHT HERE. Out of the Top 8, who did you find yourself rooting for? Any individuals leave a mark in your minds as the standout vocalists of the season?

Before tonight’s elimination episode, we need your help to determine who might be heading home. Who do you think will be walking out the door, leaving their dreams on that stage? Will it be James WolpertTessanne ChinCaroline PennellCole Vosbury,  Matthew SchulerWill ChamplinRay Boudreaux, or Jaquie Lee? Before you cast your votes, be sure to click on each of the contestant’s names to check out their performance vids from last night.

Cast your votes below. And cross your fingers that your fave doesn’t get eliminated during tonight’s episode!

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  1. […] We conducted a poll today and there are three way people at the top of the poll.  26.59% of our viewers think either Caroline Pennell will be sent home tonight, 22.54 Ray Boudreaux and Matthew Schuler with 16.8% of the vote.  It is still a close race and hard to predict.   If you have not voted in our poll there is still time, GO HERE! […]