The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman and Jealous Controlling Fiance Josh Murray Fighting About Nick Viall Sex in Fantasy Suite

The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman and Jealous Controlling Fiance Josh Murray Fighting About Nick Viall Sex in Fantasy Suite

Boy, reality sure did come crashing in on the current The Bachelorette 2014 from ABC’s hit show. Andi Dorfman accepted Josh Murray’s marriage proposal and supposedly the two have spent the last few months shacking up at each others’ houses in Atlanta, really getting to know each other. She has gushed about her new love and she and Josh have already let it drop that they have already discussed the possibility of a spring wedding. That was before Nick Viall dropped a sex bombshell that may very well implode Andi’s new found romance.

According to Nick he and Andi had sex in the fantasy suite during The Bachelorette 2014 – an act that in this day and age doesn’t have to be such a big deal. But what is a problem is the fact that she then accepted Josh’s proposal a few days later. If you took these people off of television and put them back into the real world we would all be saying that Andi cheated on Josh and from the sounds of things, he may very well feel exactly that way. According to the Aug. 11th print edition of Life & Style Magazine Josh has a controlling side when he is feeling threatened and well, you can only imagine the buttons that Andi has pushed by admittedly banging Nick Viall!

Instead of enjoying some of the happiest days of their new relationship Josh is now grilling Andi about everything she does. The questions obviously stem from the fact that he feels like she cheated on him and he’s not trusting anything that she says now. Are these two doomed as a couple? Is there any chance that Andi and Josh will make it through this or will the fact that she hooked up with Nick ultimately destroy her romance with Josh? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • TheSenator1

    I hope Josh is disturbed. She’s a liar ,,, she said she was in love with Josh from Day 1, but 6 weeks later she slept with Nick? C’mon, people, this is a self-centered, narcissistic liar. The winner is Nick Viall who gets to move on without this nightmare drama queen in his life. Nick was a gentleman, showed his feelings, which is a tough thing to do. He just didn’t know what a chilling, manipulative and nasty person Andi clearly is. Yuck!

    • Sonia

      Any one can get caught up with lust, so Andi was caught up in lust. Lust will make an individual have sex and then regret it. So Andi made a mistake, now the question is, will Josh forgive her, if Josh loves Andi he will forgive her.
      This will be the true test of his love!


    • from Atlanta

      Amen to that!! She knew how hard it was for Nick to show his feelings and yet she still played him!! I didn’t really care for Nick…My vote was Chris, but my feeling is this, if Josh dumps her…she deserves it! What goes around comes around!!! All of those guys are too good for her. I think she is all about herself and “Hollywood” She obviously doesn’t have scruples when it comes to sharing her bed!! As they say in the South, “she slings out of both dror legs”….ewwww

  • scep

    personal theory, I think it is all a scam to the public for drama and to keep people talking about the show. I think they are paid to play these rolls. I think Andi and Josh did know and she told the station and the rest was made up. Nick is almost laughing when he says what about our night together. He was paid off and paid to have the blowup on the plane that leaked the ending. It’s all a farce.

  • disqus_gwWJOGBxod

    Payback for hurting Nick,

  • Mark Winokur

    If I was Josh, I would be feeling pretty disgusted right now. But everyone is different, so he may be totally fine with the fact that she slept with another guy a few days before getting engaged to him. Most guys I know wouldn’t like it, but he may be an exception. I don’t think anyone really knows how he feels but him and Andi!

  • Meredith 27

    Yes I agree that there’s no way josh coming from the family he comes from could possibly stay with her. Josh deserves better! Josh deserves a woman who would never cheat on him or even think of having sex with another man days before he proposes marriage! I give it six months and I wish josh all the best although I’m sure he will have no problems finding an amazing woman!

  • Trish

    Nick knew she was dating 24 other men, so why are people treating this like a real relationship? It will only be real in real life after the show, the fancy trips, the FS, and the cameras are all gone and she is dating only one guy! Nick knew there were 3 other guys that could have the FS with Andi. Also, this happened over 2 1/2 months ago and Nick has been stalking her, trying to see her in Mexico, on the Men Tell All, and to meet her privately, which would never have been private because they are contractually obligated to tape their interactions. Andi said that she was afraid this was too good to be true and resisted her feelings for Josh the entire time because he was an athlete, like her ex John Busing, her NFL player boyfriend of 4 years who may have cheated on her because she said she has been cheated on by her ex athlete boyfriend (got to be him because he was her only boyfriend.) She explained in a recent interview that’s why she said that she realized those feelings of fear were rooted in her feelings of love for Josh from the very beginning. Whether Josh was not cutting it in bed (we’ll never know but if she was a real B that’s what she would have said as a comeback to Nick when he brought up the intimacy in the FS), or whether it’s because she realized she was really in love with Josh (maybe both?) we’ll really never know for sure. Nick is unstable emotionally as this happened months ago, and he is still trying to win her back, and I don’t think it was a good idea to have him back on air to take advantage of his emotional state. He said the show did not put him up to it saying it was a surprise to him that he brought up the making love comment after she was cold to him, which is even worse because it shows his sole purpose in bringing the making love comment was to lash out at her because he was hurt as the producers did not put him up to it. These relationships rarely work out in real life because they are not real, so I don’t get why people are being so reactionary and going out on a slut-shaming mission. Josh and Andi may have a better chance than most because they live in the same city. As for Josh he said he already knew about what happened and it took place months ago, so it doesn’t bother him. He said none of the guys in the house liked Nick, so he does not care for him much. I don’t think he is going to let Nick’s comment get to him, but the public’s pressure on this will be bad for the relationship. I wish them the best because now they are in real life, which is the real work to make a relationship last!

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  • Tia

    This is the first lead that by the end of the season I really have grown to strongly dislike(with the exception of Juan Pablo). To me Andi just came across as being very phony and after seeing how she reacted towards Eric, my opinion of her had already changed but then seeing how cold she was towards Nick on ATFR, it really just made her even more unlikeable to me. I know a lot of people see nothing wrong with the fact that she slept with Nick, however she said herself that she was in love with Josh from the minute she saw him….so if that was the case why have sex with Nick when she was well aware that in a few days she would be accepting a proposal from Josh…I know its a tv show but it’s still not that hard to try and remain classy…not a fan of Andi. At all.

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