Angelina Jolie Hates Charlize Theron and Sean Penn For Stealing Her “Hollywood Activist” Title – Report

Angelina Jolie Hates Charlize Theron and Sean Penn For Stealing Her "Hollywood Activist" Title - Report

What a silly, silly story. The National Enquirer’s new claim that Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron are embroiled in a bitter catfight to the end reeks of an attempt to gain eyeballs by pitting two of Hollywood’s most famous actresses against each other.

According to the Enquirer’s story, which focuses on their similarities [both 38 years old, both Oscar winners, both have adopted from third-world countries, and both are firmly dedicated to humanitarian causes (is dating Sean Penn a humanitarian cause?)], Angelina believes that Charlize is a ‘copycat’, and she’s not happy about it.

A ‘source’ tells the Enquirer, “There’s no love lost between them. Angelina’s convinced that Charlize latches on to everything she does.” And now that Charlize is dating Sean Penn, this has apparently led to Angelina in an ‘absolute fury’ because she feels like Charlize and Sean are ‘gunning to be Hollywood’s newest activist couple’.

Seriously, what a silly, silly story. I don’t know what else to say about such a completely nonsensical story, with absolutely no basis for this alleged catfight. Angelina and Charlize rarely cross paths in Hollywood, and if they’re putting them together based on interest in humanitarian work and adoption, perhaps they should add Sandra Bullock to the club as well? I mean, what other criteria do they even have?

Angelina Jolie’s one of the busiest people in Hollywood right now, as she’s juggling her family commitments, her promotional duties for summer’s Maleficent, and preparing for Oscar season with Unbroken. When does she have time to sit there and seethe over Charlize and Sean plotting to take over? For example, Angie just met up with British Secretary of State William Hague for a trip to Sarajevo. If anything, I’m sure she’s happy that there’s more people that are so passionate about humanitarian causes, if she even knows that Charlize and Sean are dating.

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Angelina Jolie’s 12 hour whirlwind political visit to the UK!Firstly the American actress and political campaigner attended a drinks reception at the foreign office on Wednesday, followed by dinner with William Hague (the British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs) After breakfast at number 10 downing street Angelina Jolie leaves her London hotel under tight security and heads to the airport to travel to Sarajevo with William Hague on March 27, 2014

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  • Kate

    I didn’t know you were with her every single day to know her day to day life and what she does with it. Congratulations you are a dummy who knows nothing but a bunch of silly gossip and a bunch of crap.

  • How do you know she’s never home with her family (or that her kids don’t travel with her), Dan? That’s what I thought.