Angelina Jolie Orders Brad Pitt to Stay Away From Rihanna – Cheating Scandals Plague Couple!

Angelina Jolie Orders Brad Pitt to Stay Away From Rihanna - Cheating Scandals Plague Couple!

Angelina Jolie stole Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston, but she doesn’t want the likes of Rihanna sneaking around and stealing him from her! After all the cheating and fighting has gotten ridiculous and divorce is on the way for the couple according to some rumors. According to a new report from the ever reliable National Enquirer, Angelina Jolie is furious and has told Brad Pitt to keep his wandering eyes away from the Barbadian singer!

Sources say that Angie has fumed, “Stay away from that woman!”

Oh snap.

A source close to Angelina said, “Angie wasn’t a happy camper when Brad introduced Rihanna at her charity event. She knows Rihanna’s had a serious crush on her husband for some time now.”

Is there trouble in paradise for Brad and Angelina – who coincidentally just tied the knot together not too long ago? A snitch close to RiRi said that she has been obsessed with Brad since “she was a teenager.”

It looks to me like Angelina doesn’t like the competition! The spy said, “At one time, she [Rihanna] had a life-size portrait of Brad hanging above her bed! She’d joke to friends, ‘There hangs my future husband.'”

At Brad’s “Make It Right” gala in New Orleans, Rihanna performed and when questioned about her man of choice between Brad and George Clooney, apparently her preference was Brad all the way. She told Ellen DeGeneres, “You look at Brad Pitt and it’s like, ‘Damn!’

The source said, “Angelina also heard all about how Brad hung out with Rihanna backstage after the event, and she read him the riot act! But Brad pointed out that she’s a fine one to talk, with her crushes on her ‘Unbroken’ stars, Miyavi and Jack O’Connell!”

Despite getting married, it seems that Brad and Angelina have a lot of apparent issues to work out. They have been fighting a lot and there has been a lot of rumors surrounding cheating on both of their parts. It only stands to reason that perhaps they were better off as partners and not husband and wife? What do you think?