Big Brother 16 Nicole Evicted Week 7 Spoilers: HOH Competition Derrick and Frankie New Heads of Household

Big Brother 16 Nicole Evicted Week 7 Spoilers: HOH Competition Derrick and Frankie New Heads of Household

Week 7 of Big Brother 16 is winding down, and on Thursday August 14th the BB16 players will vote out another one of their fellow houseguests. According to Big Brother spoilers seen on the live feeds, the Power of Veto competition resulted in Zach Rance winning POV and taking himself off the block, and Christine back-dooring Nicole and putting her up for eviction. So, going in to the August 14th live eviction, Donny or Nicole will be leaving the Big Brother 16 house.

Big Brother 16 spoilers on the live feeds this week tease that it is not looking good for Nicole. She has made some attempts to campaign to stay in the BB16 house, but it doesn’t look like she is making much headway. Derrick basically played Nicole like a fiddle and told her that if she got some votes to stay, he would vote with them. The only thing is, everyone she convinced to keep her, Derrick goes behind her back and re-convinces them to vote her out. So, Nicole spent the day trying to convince Caleb, Frankie, and Cody that they should send Donny home and keep her in the house. Frankie and Caleb weren’t buying what she was selling, but she managed to peak Zach’s interest. Zach went to Derrick and revealed that he was considering keeping Nicole and evicting Donny, but Derrick quickly shot him down.

Derrick and Cody are scheming to send Donny home next week, so even if he does survive this week his time is still limited in the house (unless there is a huge upset and he wins the next HOH competition). Do you think that Nicole will be able to pull off a miracle and save herself this week? Who would you rather see go home, Donny or Nicole? Share your predictions in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Big Brother 16 spoilers and recaps.

Update – CDL was correct and Nicole was evicted and send home – Frankie and Derrick are the new Heads of Household –  they won the HOH competition!

  • Maggie Sung

    Nicole is going home she telling of Lies to everyone in the house. that Donny is the king power Veto player at fist he is a part of Team America

    • Yo yo

      Are you serious ? That is the biggest joke if anything Nicole is the most honest person in the house!!!! The denators are the biggest liars of the all. They basically fabricated a bunch of stories about Nicole that put her out. It’s no question that the denators are the biggest hypocrites of the game, especially Christine and Derrick. Nicole has gotten a raw deal

  • Mark Caldwell

    Nicole tried, she failed. Frankie doesnt have time or desire to teach her the fine art apologizing. :)

    I would guess, short of an upset, Derrick will take a bro (Cody,Caleb) and Victoria to Final 3, and his excellent gamesmanship should secure the jury votes as best #BB player this season and the prize.

    If NO UPSET____ We’ll have to wait and see.

  • Jonah Varque

    All of them should go home.

  • Oscarthedog

    I love Nicole, who is my second choice after Zach. Zach sure seems to be easily manipulated these past couple of weeks though. He forgave Frankie all too quickly, and is as much of a pushover as Cody is regarding Derrick. But Zach EVENTUALLY comes back around and does his own thinking….unlike Cody, Cody,…CODY!

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