Big Brother 16 Recap: Week 9 Cody Wins HoH Competition – Donny, Nicole Nominated – Episode 27 “Nominations Revealed”

Big Brother 16 Recap: Week 9 Cody Wins HoH Competition - Donny, Nicole Nominated - Episode 27 “Nominations Revealed”

Tonight on CBS BIG BROTHER returns for an all new episode in their 16th season. On tonight’s episode the HoH competition is held and a new HoH is crowned.  Also nominations for eviction will be revealed.

On the last episode, the live eviction took place and Zach went home in a shocking turn of events when “Zach Attack” was betrayed by his BFF Frankie which resulted in the dismantling of Zankie. There was also a twist competition for the four jury members; Jocasta, Hayden, Zach and Nicole to compete and try to re-enter the Big Brother house.  Nicole was the winner, but it was neither a mental or physical challenge, it was simply a game of luck. There was not enough time to air the HOH competition and Julie announced that moving forward there will only be one HOH every week with two nominations.Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we recapped it all, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode a new HOH will be crowned and two houseguests will be put up for nomination.  If you cannot wait until the episode airs we have already spoiled it for you.  To find out who won read our nifty spoilers, right here.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 8pm with another great episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about Big Brother?

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Nicole gets lots of hugs as she’s welcomed back into the house. Derrick isn’t happy to see her back. Frankie says they are all thinking that they can’t wait to get her and Donny out. She and Donny hug warmly and he is genuinely happy to have her back. He hopes the other side will see her as a bigger threat. Jocasta whispers to Nicole to stick by Donny to stand her best chance. Nicole is taken aback when Jocasta then kisses her on the mouth. Strange…

Christine and Caleb talk about how dangerous Nicole coming back is and Christine is in a panic because she sent her home and is worried Nicole will win HOH and send her packing. Cody, Caleb and Frankie talk and they discuss that Donny has an ally. Derrick comes in with Christine and says they have to stay united and try hard to win HOH. They do some plotting.

Donny tells Nicole he won Battle of the Block by himself because Christine threw it and even gave a piece to the other team. She tells him good job. Victoria watches this from the counter and then walks out of the room. Donny says Victoria has no clue and they agree it’s just the two of them together. Derrick says Christine will be the one to cave and stop blathering.

Victoria comes in and tells them that Donny and Nicole are talking and that he was telling her how Christine tried to sandbag him. Cody says they are all f-d that Donny is still there and knows he’s been talking to other people in the alliance trying to weaken it. We see a flashback to him talking to others about how Derrick is after them. He tells Cody that Frankie, Derrick and Christine are going to turn on him.

We see Cody telling Christine this and she laughs. We also see Derrick trying to defend himself. He’s upset and says he won’t let Donny sabotage him even though he’s absolutely right about what he’s saying. Nicole wants to go after Derrick and Cody. Caleb creeps back into the kitchen then back out. Nicole tells Donny one of them has to win HOH and he agrees.

Caleb comes back in and also reports that they’re talking as well. Derrick says they don’t need to go behind closed doors with either of them and says they need to win HOH and put those two up. He says if they go behind closed doors with them, it’s disloyalty. He says they can have an easy week if they just win HOH and knock one of them out. He starts doing an iron fist thing.

The guys are cooking when Caleb offers to show off his roundhouse kick like Steven Seagal. He’s doing #BeastModeNinja. Frankie says he’s having ninja assassin flashbacks and thinks it’s terrifying. Victoria is laughing at his antics while he talks about his third degree black belt. Cody calls him a ninja and says it’s the most entertaining thing he’s seen. He does one kick and falls and they all laugh at him.

Frankie comes in wearing a tux calls everyone to the HOH competition. They are all in boxing gear and  Frankie announces he can’t play. It’s a boxing match in six rounds. Each round has an event from the past 50 days and you have to pick the day. You run down and punch buttons to get to the day then ring in. You have to keep going until you get it right or are eliminated.

Nicole is excited and wants to win. Donny says he’s been on the block five times and is ready to fight back with a one two. Christine is in a panic over the two of them coming after her. First question in Punching for Days is when they did the comic book hero challenge. Nicole keeps doing the same number. Victoria is clueless.

They are all struggling and Christine, Caleb and Derrick finally get it then Cody and Donna. It’s down to Nicole and Victoria. Nicole is out of it as Victoria finally gets it – the answer was 44. Nicole says Donny is her only hope. Round 2 is the day of the alter ego when Joey changed to Alex. Caleb gets it then the others except for Victoria who is eliminated. It was day 12.

Round 3 is Donny vs the detonators. It’s the day that Britney scored her big soccer goal stunt. Cody gets it right away. Derrick gets it too. Then Donny. Caleb finally gets it and Christine is out of it. The answer was day 31. Not it’s the three guys against Donny and Christine is worried. Next is the day Paolo fell off her swing. Donny knows it’s day six and gets it right away.

Caleb and Derrick are the last two and Caleb is way off. Derrick finally gets the answer – day 6. Now it’s Cody and Derrick versus Donny. Caleb hopes they can knock Donny out. Round 5 is the day Devin got put on the block. Donny nails it right away. Cody vs Derrick and Derrick loses. The answer was day 25.

In the last round, Round 6, it’s Cody versus Donny. The question is what day did Amber win her third competition. Cody wins it – the answer was 29. The detonators are safe. Cody is thrilled. Donny and Nicole know they’re in trouble. Frankie brings Cody an HOH belt. Derrick is happy and hopes he’ll put both Donny and Nicole on the block which will keep all the blood off his hands.

Nicole says she knows she’s headed for the block. She hugs Cody and so does Donny. Donny says he knows they will be on the block together fighting for their lives. Derrick, Cody and Caleb recap the challenge and talk about how awesome they all are (sorry, I’m rooting for Donny). Derrick is sneaky and he’s already targeting Christine as the first alliance member to go.

Nicole tells Donny she’s sorry and he says it was a hard challenge. She tells him he was super close and he says he was just guessing. Nicole says she’s back where she was when she left and is wondering how she can make a move to stay in the house. Cody comes in and Donny congratulates him. Cody invites everyone to see his HOH room and they all head upstairs.

We see pics of his mom, sister and siblings. Caleb is checking out his sister and Cody tells him to step back. Donny says he thought Cody was a dumb kid but he’s a genius. Cody thinks he’s being insulted and thinks Donny should keep his mouth shut. Cody says he’s a college graduate with a business degree but he’s obviously offended.

Nicole comes to talk to Cody and decides to try and talk to him. She has nothing to lose. She tells him she feels awkward and says she’s so helpless. He says he knows and says he didn’t want people to come back in the game that are working with Donny. She says he’s the only person she can talk to because she’s an outcast.

She tells him Caleb and Frankie are going to come after him and says he needs to make a big move. She says the alliance is too big for them to all have his back. She says he could keep her around to do work for him because she would have no one else. She says she’s not going to run to Donny. Cody says he knows he’s not safe next week and she says if he keeps her, he will be safe next week.

Cody is thinking about and says he has to consider his own game and wonders if she could be a sneaky asset for him later. She tells him it was a good talk and leaves. Later, Derrick comes to see him and wants to talk nominations. He says every decision will affect if they can make it to the end together. Derrick tells him that Nicole needs to go home but it won’t be this week.

Cody says he would rather send Christine home than Nicole. They discuss that she’s done nothing for them and is always plotting. Cody says it’s more obvious that Christine is playing both sides of the alliance. They talk about how she flip flops to whoever is in power. They talk about how different everyone looks from their photos. Derrick looks different, so does Frankie. Derrick says he’s undercover and has told them he’s a hipster dad/skateboarded, not a cop. He says he’s playing #BBJumpStreet.

Cody, Christine and Victoria ask Nicole about Hayden and she says he’s nice and thoughtful. She says he makes her breakfast every day. Cody asks if he’s a good kisser. Cody wonders if all the action is in the jury house. She says he’s a frickin pro but insists they are not an official couple. She says they’re not a showmance since they didn’t start kissing until the jury house.

Donny goes to see Cody late in the night and turns the light on and Cody says they can talk now. He wakes up and Donny takes a seat. He says he knows he’s doomed and that Cody is his only hope. He says he knows they are targets. Donny says he knows he and Nicole are next but he says the alliance will keep Victoria over him because she never wins anything.

Donny says they have played Cody but he won’t hold it against him if he puts him on the block and says Cody, Nicole and Donny have all played a clean game and can work together. Cody says he’s been thinking a lot about it. He doesn’t trust Donny but says he knows he’s right. Donny tells him it’s time to play Big Brother. Cody thinks Christine and Frankie may be better targets.

Donny asks Derrick if he thinks they will get a Team America mission today. Derrick asks what he thinks about Team America and Donny says when they were first assigned it, he felt like he, Derrick and Frankie would stick together. Derrick tells him he’s a target but says it’s in his best interests to keep him there. Derrick says it’s been eating him alive because he loves Team America.

Donny says Team America is all he has and Derrick says he’s heard that he wants him out and it’s been hurtful but he doesn’t take it personally. Donny says he doesn’t believe anything until he hears it personally and Derrick says when you hear things from numerous people, it gains legs. Donny says they’re filling him full of mud.

Derrick says aside from Cody, he really likes Donny. Derrick says he knows Donny is lying and Donny says he knows Derrick has voted out people he has talked to and prayed with so Donny is very hesitant to deal with him. It’s time for #Nominations. Cody is thinking about who he should nominate. He says this is huge because he has to figure out what’s best for his game.

Cody says he can make a big move or the safe move and do what his alliance wants. He calls everyone in for the nomination ceremony. Cody shows his first nominee is Nicole. His second is Donny. He caved and did what the alliance wanted. What a moron. He tells Nicole he lovers her as a player and a person and says he wishes her luck in the veto.

Cody says he’s been hearing a lot of chatter about stuff he’s saying and calls him an immediate threat. He adjourns the nomination ceremony. Nicole isn’t surprised but isn’t happy and is hoping to win the veto. Donny says you can’t tell a group of mad wolves that want to eat you anything. Derrick says Donny has made his own bed since he didn’t come clean with it. Cody says he can put up a replacement like Frankie or Christine if one of the nominees wins POV.