Carrie Underwood Still Hates LeAnn Rimes After Insult

Carrie Underwood Still Hates LeAnn Rimes After Insult

I kind of had a feeling that Carrie Underwood is the kind of woman that you don’t really want to tick off. She just seems to have that edge to her doesn’t she? Well, not only does she get mad but she also holds grudges, for years! Way back in 2006 Carrie won the Country Music Association’s award for best female vocalist of the year and when the camera’s panned the audience they caught Faith Hill looking ticked off. At the time Faith quickly spoke out saying that her reaction was actually a joke and that she had expected Carrie to win. LeAnn Rimes decided to chime in and defended Faith’s reaction without realizing it was a joke and she ended up looking stupid.

According to the June 2nd print edition of National Enquirer Carrie was stunned that LeAnn had said that she hadn’t paid her dues and at the time she dealt with the situation by avoiding LeAnn all together. In the 8 years that have passed LeAnn has never offered up an apology which Carrie believes that she is owed. LeAnn got up on a soap box and ranted about Carrie and millions saw it before she deleted her post after realizing the joke was kind of on her.

In spite of traveling in the same circles Carrie still refuses to even acknowledge LeAnn when they are together for work. In her mind this crazy chick simply doesn’t exist and LeAnn is way too embarrassed to even attempt to thaw the ice between them. Do you think that things will ever be resolved between these two? Carrie certainly doesn’t need LeAnn to be her friend but in LeAnn’s case she certainly can use as many friends as she can find! Tell us your thoughts on this feud in the comments below!


9 responses to “Carrie Underwood Still Hates LeAnn Rimes After Insult”

  1. Harleyloverx2 says:

    When doesn’t leann look stupid?? Girl holds NOTHING over Carrie.

  2. gonoles1 says:

    LeeAnn who??/ she will never come close to these two ladies!

  3. Robin Palmer says:

    Different kind of voice, but definitely not better. And, these days, LeAnn sings like she has rocks in her mouth so she doesn’t even have the same voice of LeAnn of yesteryear.

  4. Robin Palmer says:

    This is just a stupid, laughable article. First off, what LeAnn said, she posted on her personal website. There aren’t “millions” of people following LeAnn’s website and hasn’t been in over a decade. When George Jones seemingly “dissed” Carrie, what did she do? The next day she took pictures of him and her smiling at the Opry together because she didn’t want her fans going nuts on him. She is the opposite of a grudge holder.

    They travel in the same circles? That’s really where you loose me. Carrie lives and works out of Nashville. LeAnn lives in LA and works once in a blue moon in Nashville. They do not travel the same concert tours as LeAnn has been doing Casino’s and small venues by herself for years now. So, while they do have mutual friends, it’s more like having some of the same friends on FB that you never see, but you hang out with on occasion or used to.

  5. janie says:

    Carrie needs to grow up!

  6. Mary Andraso says:

    Carrie is class and LeAnn is trash!

  7. guest says:

    tell me how much in dues Leann paid when she won at 13 or so for BLUE. HYPOCRITE THY NAME IS LEANN RIMES

  8. Kay. says:

    Dumbest article yet on this site. For a site that hates LeAnn so much, it goes out of its way to write arbitrary stuff about her.

  9. Truth Hurts says:

    LeMan yodels & sings off key