Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Will Sami Kill EJ or Does He Simply Leave Salem? James Scott’s Final Air Date – Star Will be Missed

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Will Sami Kill EJ or Does He Simply Leave Salem? James Scott's Final Air Date - Star Will be Missed

Days of Our Lives spoilers revealed months ago the James Scott was leaving the NBC soap opera, the soap veteran filmed his last scene on May 2. Days of Our Lives films much farther ahead than the other soap operas, which means his last actual air date will be the beginning of October. Days fans are beginning to scratch their heads regarding EJ DiMera’s last days in Salem, because as of right now there is no indication that the character will be killed-off or is leaving town.

The character of EJ DiMera is in some hot water right now, his wife Sami Brady recently learned he was having an affair with Abigail Deveraux and she launched a well-planned revenge scheme with Kate to steal DiMera Enterprises from EJ and his father Stefano. But, spoilers tease that there could be a Sami and EJ reunion in the works. Although his life is a living hell at the moment, there really hasn’t been any clues that EJ will be murdered or leaving Salem for good. Alison Sweeney is also leaving the NBC soap opera, but she filmed her last scene on May 23, so it isn’t likely that they ride off in to the sunset together.

When Alison Sweeney filmed her last scene as Sami Brady she posted a photo of herself on the set, and fans spotted an urn on the DiMera fireplace behind Sweeney in the photo, spurring rumors that James Scott’s character EJ DiMera would be murdered. But, if DiMera is murdered, we really have no idea who will be doing the deed.

With just five weeks left before EJ DiMera’s exit, there are no storylines even teasing he could be leaving. How do you think EJ DiMera’s exit will occur, do you think he’ll grow tired of Sami and her revenge scheme and just leave town and abandon her and the kids? Or, do you think that he will be murdered, maybe even by Sami? Share your predictions in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.

Fans at Soap Opera Spy Facebook page will miss James Scott’s EJ DiMera:

Fake death and they meet up on an live happily ever after……

He will be missed that’s for sure!!!!

Will be missed, I really like him when he is good.

Miss him

I will miss him. Great actor

Great actor. Perfect EJ.

These comments are typical of the fondness of Days’ fans for James – too bad he quit. Maybe one day he’ll return.

9 responses to “Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Will Sami Kill EJ or Does He Simply Leave Salem? James Scott’s Final Air Date – Star Will be Missed”

  1. carmen says:

    heard a rumor that a future death is faked!!

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  3. Billy says:

    If NBC doesn’t stop interrupting Days for White House news conferences, I won’t know how E.J. leaves because I won’t be watching.

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  5. Lisa says:

    I’m thankful for the information listed on this page because although I knew Sami was leaving, I had NO IDEA EJ was. I LOVE THEM BOTH. There aren’t any GOOD ACTING real main characters left. I read where DOOL was carried on til 2016 but I really think the writers have their work cut out for them after this. I’m SOOOOO DISAPPOINTED!!!! If they have a new Sami what good will she be withouth EJ??? And I really like John B. I HOPE Kristen succeeds in finding a dr. who will have him come out of the coma and survive.

  6. Rose says:

    Ej turned his back on his sister so Daddy will have to punish him or remove him from the ” family ” .. so I’m thinking Daddy DiMera goes after Sammy for what she did .. after of course or during EJ and Sammy working things out, He’ll more or less step in front of the bullet meant for her and end up dieing to save his love. It’s just how Sammi would finally realize she had found true love and get kicked in the teeth by loosing it at the same time over her own pigheadedness. When Daddy DiMera by his hand or hired ones finds out that he lost his son instead of Sammy He’ll just have her leave town to some island and promise to take care of the kids in honor of his son.

    I’ve been watching Day’s since the 80’s and I really hate seeing so many of the chars. leaving. They do need some ” new ” blood to mix with the show but I dont see why after all this time they have to end or ruin everyones lifes if the show ends in 2016 couldn’t they go out with a bit of happiness ?

    I hope they bring John back out of the coma also .. and for god sakes let Kristen get it in the end!!!!!

  7. Katerina says:

    My guess is that EJ and Sami get wind of a plot by Stephano to kill Sami, so they make it look like Stephano accidentally murdered EJ instead. While Stephano is grieving and feeling incredible guilt, Sami will leave Salem with the kids – and we will see her meeting EJ in some distant locale!

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  9. Melissa Gibson says:

    The main reason the show was such a success is because of Alison Sweeney and James Scott. I have followed Alison on the show since she started. We are about the same age, I had a son about the time Sami had Will on the show. I have grown up with her. I loved the duo Sami and EJ. The show will just not be the same. I don’t even know if I will keep watching it. They are the show, I am so disappointed :( .They will both be missed greatly