General Hospital Review and Recap Week of April 14: Sabrina’s Having a Boy – Luke Threatens Ned – Will Carlos Rat

General Hospital Review and Recap Week of April 14: Sabrina's Having a Boy - Luke Threatens Ned - Will Carlos Rat

General Hospital was full of action last week and here is a recap of all that happened in detail from April 14 through the 18.

Monday – Dante and Lulu are at home with Rocco. Lulu ask Dante what Obrecht wanted. Dante tells her she wants to get off scott free in exchange form their other embryo. Lulu thinks she is a lying liar who lies. Dante thinks Obrecht kept it regardless of what Britt said. Honestly I wouldn’t put it past Obrecht lying to Britt so she would have leverage later on.

Over at Maxie’s Levi is once again sticking his nose in others people business and after offering Nathan a detoxifying tea he tells him how he convinced Britt that all Nikolas needed was a little time to forgive her. Levi also thinks Nathan should forgive his mother. Nathan is about to beat the crap out of Levi but Maxie rushes in to save him. Levi informs them he needs to get away from all the negative energy and he and Maxie leave. I’m really not liking Levi and I also miss the old Maxie. Britt is clearly hoping for a reconciliation with Nikolas and Nathan wishes her luck. Maxie lets Levi in on the fact that Britt was paint Dante and Lulu’s son off as hers until the jig was up and she had to give him back to them. Maxie then states that she can’t believe that Nathan would sleep with Britt. Levi who of course knows better tells her that they didn’t. Levi then suggests that Maxie give Nathan the old heave ho. Maxie isn’t comfortable with doing that. Levi tells her it’s her place and therefore she can ask him to leave.

Over in their joint jail cells in the joint Madeline is begging Obrecht not to tell Nathan that she is really his mother. Obrecht’s mind however is made up because she is afraid that their is a chance he and Britt could end up doing the horizontal mambo.. Obrecht thinks her sister will be in the pokey the rest of her life for killing Nina but Madeline hints that she to as her own get out of jail free card. Please don’t let it be the child of Nina and Silas that somehow managed to survive. Obrecht isn’t biting.

A cop comes to Obrecht to see Dante. On the way she comes face to face with Nathan and begs him to listen to her. Nathan declines. Nathan informs his mother that the night before he decided to get drunk with the daughter of her cell ate. Madeline wants to know if he slept with her when Nathan isn’t forthcoming she has no choice but to tell him the truth. She tells Nathan he can’t sleep with Britt because she is his sister. that he drank his sorrows away with the daughter of her cellmate. Madeline asks if he slept with her but he won’t tell. She tells him he can’t sleep with her because she’s his sister. Madeline tells him her real name isn’t West it’s Westbourne and that Obrecht is his real mother. Elsewhere in the PCPD Michael comes in mad as can be at Anna for not having found Aj’s shooter. Anna tells. I heal that they are focusing on the burglar and even though they don’t a I.D. yet they do know where he got the gun and they are headed there now. Michael calms down and tells Anna he is sorry for yelling at her, he is just upset because he got the call to pick up AJ’s death certificate Anna understands and apologizes for his loss and then leaves.

Obrecht sees Anna and accuses her of killing Faison for the billionth time. Dante and lulu show up and Obrecht remarks her freedom has arrived. Dante informs Anna that it’s probably nothing but he and lulu need to talk to her. Anna waits outside. They question Obrecht their other embryo. Obrecht tells them it’s safe and sound and she will give it back as soon as her and Britt receive full immunity on all their charges. Anna is told the gun dealer is their for questioning. Anna is sure he can identify whothe burglar was that threatened AJ.

Over at General Hospital Nikolas convinces Liz to move into Wyndemere for her recovery. Britt gets there just in time to hear Liz agree to Nikolas’s request. Britt can can tell Nikolas isn’t in forgiving mode. Nikolas tells Britt how upset Spencer is that she and Ben are gone. Nikolas starts helping Liz get ready to go. Nikolas leaves to get the car. Patrick and Sabrina are catching up. Sabrina tells him she was sorry to hear about AJ and she knows he did the best he could. Patrick tells Sabrina that he went into the surgery angry and that their is a committee is looking into it and his career is on the line. Just then Carlos shows up to go with Sabrina to her OB appointment Patrick tells him to kick rocks. Carlos tells Patrick he better back off .

Patrick decides they should ask Sabrina what she wants. Sabrina thanks Carlos for helping but Patrick is coming with her to her OB appointment. Patrick is the baby’s father, end of discussion. Carlos promises to always be there for Sabrina. After Carlos leaves Patrick promises Sabrina that he will never let her down again. Patrick tell her he is going to be here for her and the baby, and he is looking forward to it. Carlos just happens to get on the same elevator as Michael.

Tuesday – At ELQ “Luke” makes a call to Julian for a update on the shipment. Tracy peeks in at Luke. Tracy is displeases with the fact he acquired a office without her approval. Tracy tells “Luke” their are boundaries and ELQ is her get away from the insanity quiet place. “Luke” claims he just wants to prove that he is committed to her and her company. Tracy relents and “Luke” announces he is heading out to get her painting, and then they can replace the photo of Edward on the wall. After “Luke” makes his exit, Tracy tells Edwards portrait that Luke isn’t the same person he used to be…. That he really does loves her… in his own strange way. Look it’s Ned, can’t this guy show up and it not be for a funeral? They discuss Monica and hard this must be on her for all of ten seconds before talk turns to how she is remarrying “Luke” and he is now working at ELQ. Ned thinks his mother is one ant short of a picnic. Tracy wants end to be happy for her. Ned thinks “Luke” is just after her money. Ned cant see any good in ‘”Luke” whatsoever. “You can hear grandfather rolling over in his grave,” Ned informs her.

Carlos is still on the the elevator with Michael. Carlos reads AJ’s death certificate over Michael’s shoulder. Michael calls Carlos on the reason he is so interested. Carlos just offers his condolences. Carlos then ask Michael if there are any leads in the case. Before Michael can babble about what Anna told him at the police station he reaches his stop. Carlos is beyond worried.

Over at his house, Sonny is awfully damn smug about the fact that AJ’s case still remains unsolved. AJ’s ghost appears and wipes the smugness clean of Sonny’s face. Sonny attempts to ignore AJ’s badgering, lucky for Sonny Duke shows up. Duke correctly guesses that Sonny is feeling guilty. Duke reminds Sonny of his pledge of loyalty to him and tells Sonny that “Your secret is safe with me.” Michael arrives. Duke offers his condolences to Michael and leaves. Michael tells his father that the cops are about to get AJ’s killer. Sonny tells Michael that he shouldn’t get his hopes up. When Michael leaves AJ returns to Sonny.

Over at Kelly’s Shawn is hoping against hope that Jordan has decided to come to her senses about her job working with Ava. Jordan just wishes Shawn would be more supportive. TJ comes in and wonders what’s going on. Jordan leaves for work. TJ heads out for school. Duke comes by with some “disturbing news.” So much for secrets.

Ava comes into the gallery and bitches at her brother. Julian claims he was doing his civic duty. Ava continues to be nasty until Julian points out he knows she has been feeding information to Sonny. Ava tells him hats absurd, so he then throws Morgan in her face. Jordan comes in. Carlos walks and demands to talk to Ava. Ava and Carlos head into the nearest corner. Carlos tells Ava about his elevator encounter with Michael. Ava reminds Carlos that the cops have his gun. Carlos is sure it’s untraceable. Still in the gallery but not in a corner Julian tells Jordan that TJ has nothing to worry about. “Luke” arrives and flirts with Jordan. Julian sends her to wrap his painting. “Luke” ask Jordan “Why don’t you bring it home with me to make sure it’s well hung?” Jordan declines his offer. When “Luke” leaves, Julian apologizes to Jordan. Jordan replies by telling Julian she knows about his drug operation and she can help him with it.

At the PCPD Anna tells Dante she is sure have a lead on AJ’s killer. Anna tells him they found the guy who sold the murder weapon. The gun dealer tells Anna it was part of a large sale and he could recognize the buyer. Anna gives the big book of mug shots. The guy soon finds Carlos’ picture and points him out to the cops.

Wednesday – Back at ELQ “Luke” has asked Ned for his blessing. Ned informs “Luke” he will get as soon as he signs a pre-nup. Ned wants “Luke” to prove he is marrying his mother for love and not her money. “Luke” tells Ned he wants to work at ELQ so his relationship with Tracy will be a real partnership. “Luke” then accuses Ned of worrying that he will get cut out of the will. “Luke” tells Tracy he wants her to back him up. Tracy ask Ned to leave. When they are alone Tracy tells “Luke,” “there will be a pre-nup, and he will sign it.” “Luke” accuses Tracy of not having the same commitment that he does and then he suggest that they call the whole thing off.

At the PCPD Dante tells Michael the gun dealer ID’d someone and shows him a picture of Carlos. Michael tells Dante that Carlos was just asking him about AJ and the investigation. Michael thinks Ava and Julian were in on it together the whole time because Carlos works for them. Anna and Dante are heading out head when they find out that Carlos’ car is parked at the Gallery.

Duke and Shawn are discussing the Jerome’s drug operation. Shawn thinks Jordan is in on it to. Jordan told Shawn she isn’t but he doesn’t believe her. Duke tells Shawn if he is wrong he could end up alienating TJ. Duke thinks they should have Anna check out the Jerome’s before saying anything to Sonny. Duke tells Shawn Sonny is wrestling with guilt over AJ.

Carlos wonders if Ava lied to him about shooting AJ. Ava promises Carlos she didn’t do,it. Carlos reminds her that AJ was the only one who have been able to ID her as Connie’s shooter! Except for Carlos himself. Ava wants to know if Carlos would be willing to give her up. Jordan tells Julian she knows when the shipment came in and that his dealers already have it. Jordan tells him she has expertise in distribution and won’t be sloppy like his people. Jordan claims her reputation is stellar.

Julian thinks she is wired for Anna. Speaking of……Anna and Dante come in the a Gallery but they are looking for Carlos. Carlos refuses to cooperate, Anna arrests him for attacking an officer. Julian prevents Ava from going after them and ask her what she has been hiding. Ava instead leaves to call a lawyer for Carlos. Julian still wants Jordan to prove she isn’t wearing a wire. She slowly unbuttons her top. “Are you satisfied with what I am showing you or do you need a more thorough search?” She ask Julian before walking out.

AJ is still chit chatting it up with Sonny, just you know in ghost form. AJ wonders how long until Sonny reveals himself as the Judas he is. Sonny who can’t take it anymore screams and hurls a glass across the room, almost hitting Olivia. Sonny tells Olivia that the cops have a lead on AJ’s shooter. Olivia is happy for Michael but she knows something is eating Sonny and she won’t ignore it anymore. Sonny screams for AJ to shut up if you please. Olivia tells Sonny that she’s going through pain and loss too. Olivia thought they were dealing with Connie’s death together but now sees they aren’t. Olivia tells him to get help and leaves. Where is AJ you ask, why he is still smack talking a already unstable Sonny.

Patrick is with Sabrina for her appointment, Patrick apologizes for being unreliable lately. Patrick tells her he will be there for her and the baby no matter what anyone says. Patrick then tells her he refuses to let Carlos anywhere near his baby. Dr. Lee comes in the room for the exam, she ask if they want to know the sex of their baby. Patrick and Sabrina do. Dr. Lee tells them they are having a healthy baby boy. Patrick and Sabrina are over the moon.

At the PCPD Michael lays into Carlos who is finally taken into interrogation. Anna gets onto Michael for going off and Carlos and tells him to let her do job. Meanwhile in the interrogation room Carlos insist he doesn’t know anything about AJ’s shooting. Dante brings out the smoking gun and tells Carlos the gun dealer gave him up. Carlos wisely ask his lawyer. Dante wants him to talk right then and there. Ava gets a call from Sonny.

Thursday – At ELQ “Luke” is threatening to call off the wedding because of Tracy’s refusal to trust him. “Luke” says that she give his ring back. Tracy refuses to let “Luke walk away from her, Tracy loves him. “Luke” tells her to prove it. Tracy agrees to get rid of the pre-nup. “Luke” is ecstatic, he hugs her. Tracy leaves to tell Ned to put the ka- bosh on the pre-nup. “Luke” is sitting in her office, he lights up a cigar and calls Tracy a “Sucker.”

Ava shows up outside of Sonny’s. Ava calls Diane and orders to have Carlos keeps his mouth shut. Ava walks in while Sonny is taking a stroll down I just had a fight with Olivia lane. Sonny tells Ava that AJ is pushing to the edge. Sonny worries that Carly will try to help him if she thinks he is going crazy. Sonny tells Ava she is the only person he can talk to. Ava suggest Sonny be the strong and silent type. Plus the cops are trying to pin it all Carlos. Ava wishes she could help Sonny more.

Meanwhile at the PCPD, Anna and Dante are questioning Carlos about the murder. Carlos is awfully thirsty so he just drinks some water. The keep on him, but he refuses to talk without his lawyer. Anna and Dante leave the room. Anna tells Dante they have g Carlos right where they want him and then she drops the water bottle into an evidence bag. Dante fills Anna in on what Obrecht told him. Anna wonders what Dante will decide to do.

At Wyndemere Spencer is still obsessing over Sonny and Luke. Nikolas insist that Spencer is confused and heard it all wrong. Liz shows up with Cameron. They boys stare each other down. Cameron tries to be friendly but Spencer is having none of that and he stomps off. Nikolas orders him to apologize. Spencer smarts off. Nikolas reminds him to treat people with courtesy. Nikolas orders Spencer to share his Easter eggs with Cameron. Spencer warns Cameron that he is not giving up on Emma. Liz and Nikolas are left alone. Liz wonders if he still misses Britt. Nikolas tells her he doesn’t. Nikolas offers her his castle to recover in. Spencer deicides to take matters into his own hands and calls Sonny and then leaves him a message.

Britt swings by Lulu and Dante’s with allergy meds for Ben. Lulu informs her they have changed his name to Rocco. Lulu then tells Britt that Obrecht claims she has one of their embryos. Britt didn’t know about it till just now. Britt tells Lulu her mother doesn’t make idle threats. If they want to know where the embryo is they will have to make a deal.

Maxie informs Nathan that he needs to move out. Nathan tells her he is paid up till the end of the month so she can move out. Maxie won’t agree to that but doesn’t think her a aura can stand his “toxic vibes.” Nathan knows Levi is behind this. Levi comes in and does admit all of this was his idea. Maxie suggests that Nathan go and stay with Britt. Nathan tells her that Britt is his sister. Maxie back tracks and tells him he doesn’t have to leave. Nathan goes and showers to wash away his toxic vibes.

Friday – Spencer can’t get Sonny on the phone so he decides to have his chauffeur drive him to his Uncle Sonny’s.

“Luke” heads over to Kiki’s. Kiki is less than thrilled to see him. “Luke” accuses Kiki of wanting to come between him and Tracy so that Kiki can have him for herself. “Luke” grabs Kiki, she kicks him between his legs and pushes out her door.

Sonny goes to his door and opens it AJ’s ghost waltzes in ahead of Olivia. Olivia tells Sonny she doesn’t want to leave him but needs a break. Olivia leaves. Sonny and AJ begin to argue. Spencer shows up and starts pounding on the door. Sonny yells at Spencer to go away. AJ starts talking about his funeral and wonders what all of this is doing to Michael. AJ is confident that Sonny’s guilt will eat him alive.

Ava calls Diane and demands that she make Carlos’s case her top priority. Morgan ask Ava why Carlos would have been gunning for AJ. She changes the subject and then he start to discuss whether or not they are still good. They decide they are and start making out on her table. But then Morgan gets a call from Kiki and he takes off.

At the Quartermaine estate Ned and Tracy are talking about AJ. Tracy starts thinking about all the chances he blew. thinks of all the chances he blew. Ned shows Tracy the article in the paper about Carlos’s arrest. Ned then pulls out the pre-nup and Tracy makes it clear that she trusts “Luke”. Ned thinks “Luke” is playing her. Tracy reminds Ned of her bond with “Luke” and she insist she has his heart and soul. Ned ask her why she is being so dumb. “Luke” arrives with what’s left of his donuts and tells Ned that he and Tracy won’t be needing a pre-nup. Tracy leaves to get dressed. “Luke” rips up the pre-nup and threatens to kill Ned if he tries to stop the wedding. Ned comments on how thug “Luke” has become. Ned leaves. Spencer comes flying in and tells “Luke” “I know all about what you are trying to do to my Uncle Sonny.”

Morgan shows up at Kiki’s. Kiki tells Morgan what happened with Luke, and then tells him he couldn’t tell Michael because of AJ’s funeral. Morgan tells Kiki she needs to call the cops, and then Morgan says he will talk to “Luke” himself.

Franco gets the paper from outside his hotel room and shows Carly the article on Carlos. Carly thinks this is proof that Ava was behind AJ’s shooting. Franco thinks it’s all over but Carly still wants to know what’s going on. Carly starts to wonder if she really can trust Franco and then she Carly storms out. She runs into Olivia in the hall. Carly and Olivia find Franco painting the walls. “It’s wonderful, isn’t?” he asks. Carly and Olivia are angry. Olivia huffs off to call the cops. Franco tells Carly he figured out the way to get to Carlos in custody.

Anna and Dante are still giving Carlos the third degree. Carlos continues to insist he had nothing to do with it. Anna tells him she has DNA evidence that will prove otherwise. Diane finally decides to show up and she kicks Anna and Dante out. Carlos tells Diane about the fake burglary. Ava calls and orders that Diane put Carlos on the phone and then step out of the room. When Diane is gone Ava tells Carlos to stay quiet. Carlos tells her about the DNA evidence. Ava warns Carlos of how sorry he will be if he gives her up. Carlos tells Ava she can’t touch him. Ava tells him she will go after Sabrina instead.