General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Desperate To Stop Carlos Talking About AJ’s Murder – Sonny’s Guilt Driving Him Mad

General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Desperate To Stop Carlos Talking About AJ’s Murder - Sonny's Guilt Driving Him Mad

General Hospital fans are still trying to make sense of all of the insane plot twists last week on the popular daytime soap opera. According to GH spoilers, during the week of April 14th-18th our favorite GH characters will begin to feel the aftershock of all the bombs that have been dropped on the unsuspecting town of Port Charles the last few weeks.

Next week on General Hospital Michael will pressure Anna to do her job and find out who murdered his father AJ Quartermaine. Anna finally makes a move and she brings Julian’s henchman Carlos into the Port Charles Police Department for questioning. Carlos may work for Julian, but he also secretly works for Ava and was hired to kill AJ the first time and screwed it up. He knows Ava killed Connie and he knows Sonny killed AJ. It appears Ava didn’t tie up all of her loose ends, because Carlos is about to sing like a canary. The police are looking for the gun that was used in AJ’s shooting and they find the seller – this will lead to Carlos which could lead to Ava! This week on General Hospital Ava will do everything in her power to get Carlos out of police custody before he rats her and Sonny out.

Ned Ashton is rumored to be returning to Port Charles next week, he is the son of Tracy Quartermaine and estranged cousin of AJ Quartermaine. Ashton may just be in town for AJ’s funeral, or he may be in town on business. We recently learned that Luke Spencer’s imposter may be trying to take control of ELQ, and Ned is the head of the family business, it will be interesting to see how he and his Mom’s fiancé Luke interact.

Also next week on General Hospital, Dante fills Lulu in on Obrecht’s bizarre deal and claims that there is another child. Lulu takes matters into her own hands and tracks down Britt and questions her about her mother’s latest scheme. Jordan begins her new job with Ava, and proves her loyalty to female mobster, apparently Shawn was right about her. And, Sonny Corinthos becomes slightly unhinged while trying to cope with the guilt of killing Michael’s father, AJ Quartermaine.

Dr. Obrecht, never short of surprises, turns out to be Nathan West’s mom as we learned on Friday’s episode! Madeline, who originally resisted Dr. O’s call to tell Nathan about his true parentage, now feels compelled to reveal this news to Nathan when she learns he is getting closer to Britt – his biological sister!

So, General Hospital fans, do you think Carlos will spill the beans to Anna about Ava and Sonny’s elaborate roles in Port Charles most recent murders? Why do you think Ned Ashton has returned to Port Charles? Is he in town to help his family bury AJ Quartermaine or is he somehow linked to the Luke Spencer imposter? And, what are your theories on Dante and Lulu’s “other child”? Do you think she is lying, there is a frozen embryo hidden somewhere, or another one of the Port Charles babies is actually Lulu and Dante’s? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL for more General Hospital spoilers.