General Hospital Spoilers: What If Jason Morgan Returns and Finds Sam and Patrick Together – Is SamTrick Happening?

General Hospital Spoilers: What If Jason Morgan Returns and Finds Sam and Patrick Together - Is SamTrick Happening?

General Hospital spoilers tease that Sam and Patrick will be spending lots of time together in upcoming episodes of the ABC soap opera, as they continue to search for answers about who bribed Rafe to run Patrick and Sabrina off the road. Sam and Patrick have been close friends for many years, but never have had a romantic relationship between then. General Hospital fans have flocked to social media in support of “SamTrick” and popular opinion is Sam and Patrick would make a perfect couple. According to GH spoilers, Sam and Patrick’s fans might just get their way.

According to the General Hospital spoilers in the latest edition of ABC Soaps In Depth, a Sam and Patrick hook-up is very possibly. Jason Thompson told Soaps In Depth, “Patrick used to be a player, and he used to have his work. He doesn’t have his work as of right now, and part of that feeling he had all those years was that people wanted him. His wife doesn’t seem to want him whatsoever.” When Thompson was asked whether his character Patrick will pursue a relationship with Sam Morgan he revealed, “If he came up and there was a moment of weakness, I think he would take the opportunity to be with her, yes.”

Sam and Patrick fans will be excited to hear that there are rumors that the dup will share a hot kiss in an upcoming scene as well. However, the odds of Sam and Patrick forging a long-term relationship are slim to none. GH spoilers revealed that Jason Morgan will be returning to Port Charles, once he is back in town Sam will most likely want to be with her husband, not Patrick. If Sam finds out that Patrick knew this entire time that Jason Morgan was alive, then not only will they not be together, they most likely won’t even be friends anymore.

What do you think General Hospital fans? Are you a “SamTrick” supporter? Would you like to see Sam and Patrick hook up on the ABC soap opera? What do you think will happen when Sam finds out Patrick has known her not-so-dead hubby was alive this entire time? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers.

11 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers: What If Jason Morgan Returns and Finds Sam and Patrick Together – Is SamTrick Happening?”

  1. blue carrots says:

    I’d love for Sam and Patrick to get close, but I’ll definitely want Sam and Jason to be together when he returns. Patrick and Sam could develop a Jason/Carly type friendship. I’d be okay with that–especially if it drove Jason crazy once in awhile. :)

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  3. Kait says:

    I like sam and Patrick together. I don’t think Patrick knows duly that Jason is alive so he is not really lieing to Sam … Robin is. I think it would be nice to see Jason getting well with Robins help and them getting close again like they used to be and getting back together, letting the people they left move on without all this whiplash of them in and out of their lives. Love Jason and Sam but Sam and Patrick are really cute too

  4. rj says:

    I do like the idea of sam be with but because he knew jason alive didn’t tell sam she real angry when she Patrick knew jason was alive

  5. rj says:

    I love for Patrick and sam together but because he knew jason morgan was a alive didn’t tell sam she very angry at Patrick they not friends at all jason and sam morgan forever

  6. Nicole Perez says:

    Could there be a silas and ava reunion

  7. Nicole Perez says:

    Is kiki really ava daughter spoiler watch when ava gives birth the truth comes out

  8. Nicole Perez says:

    Will Jason be the who take down fanco

  9. Nicole Perez says:

    Will Scotty make it back in time to save fanco

  10. Nicole Perez says:

    Rumor is flying around Britt westborn is pregnant

  11. Nicole Perez says:

    Patrick should be with Elizabeth if not with robin that what she wanted