General Hospital Spoilers: Sabrina Santiago Returns to Port Charles – Back With Patrick Again After Robin Split at Clinic?

General Hospital Spoilers: Sabrina Santiago Returns to Port Charles - Back With Patrick Again After Robin Split at Clinic?

General Hospital fans said goodbye to Sabrina Santiago weeks ago, when Theresa Castillo took some time off from filming the ABC soap opera to give birth to her daughter.  However, according to General Hospital spoilers, in a recent edition of Soaps In Depth, Castillo is back on the GH set so it is only a matter of time before Sabrina Santiago is back in Port Charles and her return date is scheduled for August 21.

Sabrina was ushered out of Port Charles by her cousin Juan after her and Patrick’s son Gabriel was born prematurely and passed away.  Sabrina took some necessary time off after her semi-breakdown the day of Gabriel’s funeral.  GH fans knew that Sabrina would eventually return, but no one knew she would return during such a complicated time.  Ironically, Sabrina is returning to Port Charles the same month that Patrick’s wife Robin Scorpio-Drake reemerged and the same month that the person who ordered Rafe to cause Patrick and Sabrina’s car accident that killed Gabriel.

General Hospital spoilers tease a possible upcoming divorce for Robin and Patrick. And, considering Patrick just told Robin “good-bye” and coldly wished her “good luck with her corpses,” Patrick appears to be single.  There is a good chance that Sabrina and Patrick could pick up where they left off when she returns to Port Charles.  Especially since they are about to learn the Victor Cassadine ordered Rafe to basically kill their baby Gabriel, sparks could fly while they are comforting each other, and bonding over their son’s death.

What do you think, General Hospital fans? When Sabrina returns on August 21st, could she and Patrick rekindle an old flame they shared?  Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers.

  • ceecee

    Sabrina is wayyyyy too immature for Patrick…always has been. If Patrick didn’t know Jason was alive I would like him with Sam. Have said that for months. Find Sabrina someone her own age.

    • Kimmeabreak23

      Ha ha oh my God it’s just a soap ok? If u don’t know the difference between reality and fantasy u r wow I don’t want to say the word. U know the funny thing is, is that Sabrina has no interest in getting back together with Patrick. Pretty soon Sabrina will run the town of port Charles, as she will be siding with ava. Plus Teresa is a married woman who has a prince and a beautiful princess, now shut ur mouth and get a damn life. Bottom line Sabrina is back as a stronger and tougher woman who will become a mob princess and working with the jeromes.

  • Ray

    Ohhh my gooood, whyyyy is Sabrina back?? She’s far too whiny and irritating. She’s too immature for Patrick. It’s actually kind of gross. If Patrick and Robin MUST get a divorce, let Patrick be single for awhile or with someone more useful. Please.

    • Kimmeabreak23

      Haha wow you are immature and whiny for talking about a character who is fictional. Sabrina has no intention of getting together with Patrick because she belongs with someone from the mob. That’s right Sabrina will be working with ava and bring down sonny she will become a cold and calculated woman. She is back as a stronger and tougher woman

  • lululim

    Patrick and Robin Belong together! Their chemistry is so epic! Love me my scrubs!!!! The. Est couple GH has ever had!!!!

    • Kimmeabreak23

      Haha haha wow Patrick and Robin? Puhlease she is complex immature judgemental insecure bitch who has severe abandonment issues. Sabrina’s dad abandoned her and she managed to make something of herself look at robin she is a woman who abandons her husband and daughter. Now do me a favor and stop talking bad about Sabrina and her portrayer

      • lilichen

        Okay relax! From all you posts we see that you are a Sabrina lover! You are entitled to your opinion. However, I think she’s a terrible actress! I hate seeing her on screen and my opinion is that she’s whinny and annoying. Thats my opinion so deal with it. Its okay for people to disagree with you.I love Robin and Patrick together! She did not choose Jason over Patrick. Robin is trying to bring Jason home to his family which is Sam and Danny. Robin and Jason have a bond over her HIV. He’s been a really good friend to her throughout her life. She loves Patrick and Emma. She is the only person that can help Jason because she’s that talented and a gifted doctor. If she leaves then Victor will hurt her family. He’s threatened to do that already. So stop hating on Robin. She is the Bomb! I also think it will be Patricks loss if he divorces Robin. Robin and Patrick have always had epic chemistry. It’s just sad. Sam and Patrick are okay but still not as good as Patrick and Robin. Love those two together!

  • Timex

    Patrick and Robin 4 ever please!!!!!!!!!!

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