General Hospital Spoilers and Casting: Jason Morgan and Robin Scorpio-Drake Appear on GH in June – Will Billy Miller Be Cast in the Role?

General Hospital Spoilers and Casting: Jason Morgan and Robin Scorpio-Drake Appear on GH in June – Will Billy Miller Be Cast in the Role?

Characters are always coming and going on soap operas, especially General Hospital. A few months ago when Robin Scorpio-Drake left Port Charles to “save” Jason Morgan, GH fans were given hope that Jason Morgan would be returning sooner rather than later, and have been waiting with bated breath for the popular character to make his grand return to Port Charles.

It has been over three months since Dr. Scorpio-Drake left to save Jason Morgan, so she has had ample time to get the job done. A new General Hospital spoiler has been making its rounds on the internet, teasing that Jason Morgan’s return will be in just a few short weeks. An inside source leaked information that in the month of June Robin will appear for a brief stint on the soap opera, and she will be shown speaking to a man, allegedly Jason Morgan. Although we won’t actually see his face, it will be made clear that it is Morgan because she will be discussing his plans to return to Port Charles and get the treatment he needs.

The popular character Jason Morgan was portrayed by Steve Burton from 1991-2012. In 2012 Burton opted to leave his iconic role on General Hospital and then signed on to play Dylan (the long lost son of Nikki Newman) on The Young and the Restless. This year when it was revealed that Jason was still technically alive, GH fans hoped that Burton would reprise the role. However, he made it very clear in recent interviews that he has no intention of leaving The Young and the Restless and returning to General Hospital.

So, it looks like there will be another major soap opera recasting coming up. Rumors have been floating around for months that Y&R alum Billy Miller (ex Billy Abbott) may be heading over to General Hospital to take on the role of Jason Morgan. Some Y&R fans are even hopeful that Michael Muhney will rebound from his alleged scandal on the set of Y&R and head over to General Hospital. Since TPTB at GH recently snagged Y&R’s ex-Phyllis, Michelle Stafford, rumors that Miller and Muhney may be signing on as well don’t seem so very far-fetched.

What do you think General Hospital fans? Who would you like to see in the role of Jason Morgan when he returns to Port Charles? Do you think TPTB at General Hospital will be able to snag any more of The Young and the Restless alums, like Michael Muhney or Billy Miller? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers.

There is much fan interest in this news – especially the ongoing issue of Jason Morgan’s casting and Robin’s storyline. Fans speak out at Soap Opera Spy:

Michael Mulhney would be a great recast for Jason. Bring Billy Miller in as someone else. I hope that they both come over. Good for GH for recognizing great talent. I hope that JFP loses her job for this. Then Steve Burton will be sorry that he let her run him astray. And his job at GH will be filled.

Steve said the people at Y&R were willing to work around his schedule! He has a home in TN and wanted to be able to take some time off when needed to spend with them. That is why they moved there – so the kids could have some “normal” life. GH did not want to do that so he had to make a choice. I MISS STONE COLD!!!!!!!

I don’t want just any actors I want Steve Burton n Kimberly McCullough

I would like them back but it does not look like that is going to happen. I do think GH needs a Jason back and if it is not going to be Steven then a recast is all there is left

They reported that JFP promised Steve Burton more time off to be with his kids if he would come to Y&R. She forgot to tell him about the terrible role she would give him. It would be sweet justice for GH to cast a great Y & R actor and sit back and watch while Y & R destroys itself. It’s sad. Was a great soap before they hired JFP. What is the network thinking? I guess it’s not.

Why don’t they send Robin on a lifelong quest to save someone? It’s too disruptive to have her dropping in and out of the show. Patrick’s storyline is stuck in place because of her. Or let her come back and him divorce her so he and Sabrina can move forward. It isn’t fair to let Kimberly have free reign to fit her schedule in when it’s good for her. She’s stalling development of key characters.

Any new casting news on a soap is a big deal but without a doubt when General Hospital recasts Jason the news will be huge!