General Hospital Spoilers: Madeline and Dr. Obrecht ARE SISTERS! – Is Nina Clay’s Baby Alive – Elizabeth Shot

General Hospital Spoilers: Madeline and Dr. Obrecht ARE SISTERS! - Is Nina Clay’s Baby Alive - Elizabeth Shot

Another shocking and dramatic episode of General Hospital aired today on ABC, leaving GH fans buzzing and speculating for spoilers about recent revelations. Two major storylines were finally wrapped up, but in typical soap opera fashion another storyline began.

Today on General Hospital two main characters were carted off to the Port Charles Police Department and thrown into jail. Britt lead Dante to Elizabeth’s and went undercover wearing a wire to get Ben back from Dr. Obrecht where she was holding Nikolas and Liz at gunpoint. Once the police barged in and Dr. Obrecht realized she had been set up by her own daughter, Dr. Obrecht snapped and a struggle ensued, Elizabeth was shot in the shoulder and she’ll make it okay if General Hospital doesn’t do her in with incompetence. Britt administered first aid until the EMT’s arrived, and Dante and his men arrested Dr. Obrecht and threw her into a cell at the police station.

Obrecht wasn’t the only character thrown in jail today on General Hospital though. Across town Det. Nathan West arrested his own Mom, Madeline for the murder of his sister Nina Clay and Dr. Nakumara. Madeline confessed to forcing Nina to take well over the recommended amount of anti-depressants because she was trying to kill Nina’s baby and force her to have a miscarriage. Nathan was so disgusted when he learned what his Mom did to his older sister, he actually arrested her, charged her with two murders, and threw her in the cell across from Dr. Obrecht’s at the Port Charles Police Department.

So, Nina’s murder is solved and Ben’s kidnapping is resolved. The drama is far from over on General Hospital though. At the end of today’s show it was revealed that Madeline and Dr. Obrecht actually know each other! What could the two meddlesome and murderous Moms have in common? Well, Dr. Obrecht has always dabbled in illegal medical procedures, some G fans are speculating that Nina’s baby was actually carried to full term and Dr. Obrecht delivered the baby by performing a C-section operation on comatose Nina. Another popular theory floating around is that Madeline actually had Dr. Obrecht either put her daughter into a coma (“ice her”) or try to bring her out of the coma. Regardless of what their Madeline and Obrecht’s business was together, it’s safe to assume they were up to no good.

What is your theory about Dr. Obrecht and Nathan’s Mom Madeline, how do you think they know each other? Do you think that Kiki could actually be Nina and Silas’s baby and not Ava and Silas’s baby? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers.

Update: we have just learned that Madeline and Dr. Obrecht are sisters! On today’s episode we heard Dr. Obrecht say to Madelaine: “I can’t believe it’s you!” Madelaine: “It must be fate.”  Dr. Obrecht: “A cruel twist of fate.”  Madelaine: “Is that anyway to speak to your big sister!

We will have a detailed spoiler on this amazing news coming up shortly.  Return to Celeb Dirty Laundry for the best soap reporting every day!