General Hospital Spoilers: Will Sabrina and Patrick’s Baby Live – Cousin Juan Taking Sabrina Away?

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Sabrina and Patrick’s Baby Live - Cousin Juan Taking Sabrina Away?

General Hospital fans have known for weeks that Sabrina Santiago would be exiting the daytime soap opera soon, Teresa Castillo (the actress that plays the role of Sabrina) is very pregnant in real life and preparing for her maternity leave. We know that Sabrina will be leaving Port Charles for a while, but the question on every GH fans’ mind is “how are the writers going to write Sabrina out?” She has a premature baby clinging to life in the NICU at the moment, it doesn’t make sense that Sabrina would up and leave town and leave her baby in the hospital.

Rumor has it that Sabrina and Patrick’s baby boy will not survive, and Sabrina will leave Port Charles because she is devastated over her son’s death. A new General Hospital spoiler video has been released, and it supports the theory that Sabrina and Patrick’s premature son doesn’t make it. In the spoiler video Sabrina and Patrick are standing over their son in the NICU, and alarms begin going off and the doctors frantically rush in to the room.

General Hospital spoilers also tease that during the month of June Michael Saucedo will be visiting Port Charles again, you most likely remember him as Sabrina’s cousin Juan. With Sabrina leaving during June and Cousin Juan arriving during June, it is a pretty safe assumption that their exits and arrivals are related. Perhaps Juan comes to Port Charles to transport a heart-broken Sabrina back home so that she can be close to her family?

Do you think that Sabrina and Patrick’s son will survive? Isn’t it kind of twisted to kill off Sabrina’s General Hospital baby when the actress is about to give birth to her own baby any moment now? How do you think the GH writers will writer Sabrina out of General Hospital for maternity leave? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers!

Already fans are reacting and they are invested in baby Drake’s survival:

I think the baby will be transported to a “specialty” hospital and Sabrina will have to go with him.

That makes sense… then she can leave for maternity leave.

That’s what should happen….Please don’t let that baby die…Patrick has been through enough. .let her and Drake be happy…The writers really beginning to take the joy out of watching gh…and would somebody hurry up and let Ava b revealed.’s getting boring

There you have the initial responses on Soap Opera Spy… there will be more!

  • amanda

    It’s so not twisted to kill sabrina and Patrick’s baby. People you need to separate real life from GH life. Kill the baby boy off the show. Bring Robin back. Reunited Patrick Robin and Emma and grow their family. Let Robin get pregnant and kidnapped so it can fit with Kimberly’s schedule. Send Sabrina away with Juan and bring her back with some character instead of being annoying and pittiful. We would like to see Sabrina back with a new role and a new love. But most of all bring Robin back and reunite her with Patrick and Emma. It would be cool to see Patrick run after Robin to bring her home.

    • Anyonomus

      I hate robin ewwww

  • Anyonomus

    First who cares about robin I don’t and just let the Boy live and let Sabrina and Carlos run away togther she just needs to leave and let maxi and Nathan get together I hate that other guy ???? and bring back Jason plz so ya that’s my thought ??????

  • jaelyn96

    Hope Juan takes Sabrina away and she never comes back. Feel bad for baby, but Sabrina can die for all I care. Don’t think baby will live, RC has no problem killing kids. Sabrina is the worst character gh ever had

  • Bored

    yes patrick,emma,and robin have been a family. killing an innocent baby is not the solution there are plenty of blended families out there. soap operas are somewhat about real life happenings. true sabrina is not going to be patricks wife, robin is. now if robin was to never return, then yes sabrina and patrick can be a family. but until robin decides she is not coming back for good, do not kill an innocent baby.i understand soap operas are fictional characters, but what these story lines predict what happens in real life. true the ava storyline is getting pretty boring. to have ava be pregnant at her age, who is going to believe that storyline. you need to write more interesting and intense storylines to keep the watcher watching, tuning in to the net day. the storylines you have now, luke/mob line is getting out of hand. move it on. reveal and move on, like real life moves on. if you can’t come up with better storylines that move on, then why have this show on wasting space to put a show on that will keep a person watching………..

  • Eugennie Buckley

    I hope Baby Gabriel does not die. I also hope that Patrick and Sabrina grow closer and Patrick decides to make a clean break from Robin and makes a life with Sabrina. After being gone for 2 or more years Robin leaves her husband and daughter to take care of her ex boyfriend.
    That shows no committee to them, none at all.Besides by leaving she did what she always did, push Patrick to the side and do what she want, never thinking how it will affect him.

  • Eugennie Buckley

    And once again Sabrina is the one left to comfort her husband and daughter.

  • Eugennie Buckley

    The baby does not have to die for her to leave on maternity leave.

  • Eugennie Buckley

    I completely agree with you. Thank you for saying this.

  • Eugennie Buckley

    Agree completely.

  • Eugennie Buckley

    Writers please do not kill the baby and bring Sabrina back so she and Patrick can be together, also please get rid of Levi. I like the save the earth theme that he preaches, but he’s a leach and a poser and is getting in the way of Maxie and Nathan getting together.