General Hospital Spoilers: Patrick and Sabrina Pray for Baby Drake – Ava Forces Carlos To Confess To AJ’s Murder

General Hospital Spoilers: Patrick and Sabrina Pray for Baby Drake - Ava Forces Carlos To Confess To AJ's Murder

According to General Hospital spoilers GH fans are in for an emotional roller coaster during the week of April 28 – May 2 on the popular daytime soap opera. The residents of Port Charles spring into action after Patrick and Sabrina’s car accident, and the premature delivery of their baby sets the tone for the entire week.

Patrick and Sabrina are not the only General Hospital characters affected by the accident, however they are the main ones. While their premature baby fight for his life in the NICU, Sabrina refuses to take any medicine for the pain because she wants to be 100% alert and know what is going on with her baby.

Patrick heads to the church chapel and prays for his son’s life. As the month of May rolls in, General Hospital spoilers tease that Patrick becomes even more unhinged and attempts to reach out to his wife Robin for support. (Robin is currently off with Victor Cassadine trying to “thaw out” Jason Morgan.)

Despite Dr. Britt Westbourne’s history with Patrick, she promises him that she will try to save his son. And, she will have her hands full trying to do so because Anna is sending Nathan her way to question her again. Anna is suspicious that Britt arrived on the scene before the paramedics and police, and is convinced that Britt is the driver that ran them off of the road, Anna is so blinded by who Britt’s parents are that she is completely ignoring the fact that Britt actually helped Patrick and Sabrina. This puts Nathan in a sticky situation, what if he has to arrest his own sister?

Meanwhile Ava pays Carlos a visit at the Port Charles Police Department, and swears up and down that she had nothing to do with Sabrina’s accident. Carlos isn’t buying it though, he knows Ava is capable of horrible things including going after a pregnant woman. Now that Sabrina is already in the hospital and the baby may or may not live, Carlos has nothing to lose and Ava has nothing left to hold over his head. It is only a matter of time before Carlos rolls over on her and rats her out to the Port Charles Police. In fact at the end of the April 28 episode Carlos confesses to AJ’s murder! Wow – at least Sonny is off the hook for now. We always told you that Ava was the meanest mobster in Port Charles.

Do you think that Sabrina and Patrick’s baby will live? The actress that plays Sabrina is pregnant in real life, that wasn’t a fake baby bump she was wearing. It would be almost cold and twisted to kill off her TV baby, while she is still pregnant with a real baby. And, what are your thoughts on Britt Westbourne? Could she really be the driver that ran them off the road and nearly killed Patrick, Sabrina, and Emma? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers and speculation.

Fans of Soap Opera Spy Facebook page have the following to say about the latest GH episode:

What’s up with all that face hair on Patrick. Please clean him up so he’s good looking again. I like Sabrina, but she needs some acting help. Baby Drake will make it I’m sure.

Yes but my question is will be be Baby drake or maybe baby something else… Patrick did the same thing the last time Robin left (the hair)

I am really liking #Patrina

Me too – I am a little tired of Robin’s coming and going

So here is the question – we know from spoilers that on May 1 Victor Cassadine returns to Port Charles – will he be bringing along Robin and/or Jason in time foe the following week’s Nurses’ Ball? I’m naturally hoping for Jason and would love to see Billy Miller or Michael Muhney cast in the role. Today, for those of you who don’t already know, MM broke his radio silence and tweeted out a message of thanks to his fans.