General Hospital Spoilers: Will Jerry Jacks Be Fake Luke? – Brother Jasper Returns To Protect Jossyln From Franco

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Jerry Jacks Be Fake Luke? - Brother Jasper Returns To Protect Jossyln From Franco

General Hospital spoilers have teased for a while now that there will be a slew of new characters and veterans arriving in Port Charles this Summer. A few weeks ago, when GH spoilers revealed that Carly’s young daughter Josslyn would be returning to the soap opera and featured in a storyline, fans speculated that her father and fan favorite Jasper Jacks would be returning as well.

During the June 18th episode of General Hospital, the stage was set for Jasper Jack’s return to Port Charles. Josslyn and Carly’s boyfriend Franco aren’t exactly getting along living under one roof, and Josslyn has made it very clear that her father Jasper doesn’t approve of Franco (she kicked him and called him a psycho).

When Morgan learned that Carly was moving Franco in, he announced he was moving out and going to live with his brother, Michael. Michael is furious that Morgan has to be uprooted in the midst of the drama involving Sonny and Ava, so he has taken it upon himself to call Jasper Jacks and let him know that Franco is actually living with his daughter and Carly.

Kiki convinced Michael to give Carly a chance to tell Jasper about Franco, Michael decided to give her a week to let him know that his daughter is living under the same roof as Franco. However, if Carly doesn’t come clean he is going to call Jacks himself and tell him what is going on. There is no doubt that when Jasper Jacks learns Carly has Josslyn living under the same roof as his daughter, he will head straight to Port Charles.

Rumors have been swirling for months now that Jasper Jacks may be returning to Port Charles, if he does come back to clean up the Franco and Josslyn situation, his return could also tie in to the Fake Luke storyline. A popular Luke Spencer imposter theory among GH fans is that it may be Jasper’s brother Jerry wreaking havoc in Port Charles.

So, GH fan, do you think that Jasper Jacks is headed back to Port Charles this summer? Do you think he could have anything to do with the Fake Luke storyline? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL for more General Hospital spoilers tomorrow.


17 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers: Will Jerry Jacks Be Fake Luke? – Brother Jasper Returns To Protect Jossyln From Franco”

  1. xoxoxox says:

    I wouldn’t mind Jerry being Fluke, my only problem is that
    it’s strange to me that he would try to hurt Alexis. Before she was like the only thing/person that he cared about so to put out a hit on her to get back at Julian? Unless he’s like a man scorned and pissed bc she’s moved on w/ Julian

    • Carole Young says:

      You make a good point. Jerry did always love Alexis and wouldn’t hurt her

      • Samantha says:

        Yeah I am a bit curious though about Julian and Jerry’s relationship…Julian saved his life last Dec and they knew each other from the past but they never talked about it again. I’m curious if that will come up again one day and if Alexis knows about it. I’m pretty sure Jerry didn’t even know Julian/Alexis were involved or that Sam was his daughter when Julian saved his life..I don’t think he would like it much either…but I like Julexis better so that’s ok haha..but it would an interesting arch to see!!

    • Tash says:

      I just read your comment, but I stated the same thing!

  2. James Mosher says:

    Jerry Jacks doesn’t interest me as Fluke. All of the following are better:
    A) Damian Smith.
    B) Roy DiLucca.
    C) Grant Putnam.
    D) Paul Hornsby.
    E) Harlan Barrett.

  3. Tash says:

    That would not even make sense. One, Jerry still has feelings for Alexis-twisted feelings, but feelings nonetheless. So, he would not try or threaten to kill her (she is one of the few people he would protect). Plus, there would be a personal hatred towards Julian by Fluke-Fluke feelings toward Julian is strictly based on business. Two, Jerry is not a womanizer (P.S. I was too young to remember or watch the original Jerry, but the Metro Court Jerry is not a womanizer). This Fluke character is way too focused on women to be Jerry. Fluke’s personality does not match with Jerry’s personality traits.

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  5. Andrew Hass says:

    I don’t think fake Luke is Jerry but before he left the last time the show did tease us by revealing there’s some kind of connection between Jerry and the Jeromes.So the show could tie Jerry into the story somehow even if he’s not the fake Luke.Plus the fake Luke has said he’s been planning taking over Luke’s life for years and we just saw Jerry last year.As for Jax i hope he comes back even if it is just for a short stint.He could be there for Michael and Morgan when it all comes out about Ava killing Connie and Sonny killing AJ.Plus Jax could offer Michael help in running ELQ.

  6. Monique ST Freeman says:

    I love Jerry but I truly don’t think it’s him.
    I’m hoping for another Alcazar, Ted King was great as the first creepy Brenda craving one n okay as the second maybe a triplet a third brother. Or,
    Harlan Barrett I never liked that Brendas dad wasn’t explained more
    Migel been gone for a while n hated Sonny with a passion, recast him n he could be fun.
    Bill Eckert a bit obviously but hey,
    I just hope it’s someone good from bsck when Sonny was interesting n it leads to more than one person.

  7. Leon Zackery says:

    Fake Luke could be Jasper Jacks. He’s always hated Sonny, and had access to the Barrett’s money through his former marriage to Brenda. He has always taking over companies, and there was a failed attempt to take over ELQ a while back. If it’s Jasper, that would be a twist.

  8. Anoa J Changa says:

    He is heading back but he’s not Fluke. He has always hated the mob and would never involve Morgan, who he was very close to, or threaten his best friend Alexis and her family. It’s definitely Bill Eckert and this is a resurgence of the cartel.

  9. Anoa J Changa says:

    And Jerry also is not Fluke. He has been far too preoccupied over the years with all his other acts of terrorism against Port Charles to have funded Julian’s rise. Besides when Jerry fell off the balcony it seemed like he worked for Julian and not the other way around. Julian was also surprised he was still alive. Jerry is not Fluke.

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  11. Berel Fried says:

    i heard from an insider at gh that the fake luke is burt ramsey

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  13. Jamie Thomas says: