General Hospital Spoilers: Levi Steals Felecia’s Aztec Necklace – Nathan Catches Him Red-Handed On Maxie’s Wedding Day


General Hospital fans have made it very clear on social media that they are not a fan of Maxie’s soon-to-be hubby, Levi. Not that we blame them. So, you can imagine how upset fans were when General Hospital spoilers revealed that Maxie was going to marry Levi so that he wouldn’t be deported. It became pretty obvious that Levi called immigration on himself and framed his and Maxie’s roommate, Det. Nathan West, for the dirty deed… but Nathan had no way to prove it and Maxie refused to believe it.

According to General Hospital spoilers in the August 18th edition of ABC Soaps In Depth, “Levi Haters” will have a reason to celebrate. Nathan may not be able to prove that Levi called immigration on himself, but instead he is able to prove he did something way worse!

The magazine teases, “The day of the wedding, a reporter arrives at the PCPD saying that he was stolen and his priceless Aztec necklace was stolen. Nathan soon realizes that it’s the same necklace Felicia just told him that morning that she had traded with a reporter for incriminating photos of Lucy at the Nurses Ball…and Levi overheard the entire conversation! On a hunch Nathan confronts Levi at the Haunted Star, and finds the necklace in his pocket!”

Judging from the General Hospital spoilers, it sounds like Maxie’s wedding day is going to be one for the books. Once Nathan reveals that Levi assaulted a reporter and stole the golden Aztec necklace, there is no way Maxie will still want to marry the Aussie. Levi obviously isn’t the pacifist he claims to be. Who knows how he will react when he is caught red-handed or what kind of scheme he will pull to try and get out of it.

Well, General Hospital fans, are you as happy as we are that Nathan exposes Levi before Maxie marries him? Do you think that Levi will be able to talk his way out of this mess? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers.