General Hospital Spoilers: Does Michael Shoot Sonny and Will Morgan Take the Blame – Has Franco Gone Too Far This Time

General Hospital Spoilers: Does Michael Shoot Sonny and Will Morgan Take the Blame - Has Franco Gone Too Far This Time

General Hospital spoilers and rumors have been circulating the internet claiming that Michael Corinthos shoots his father Sonny after learning he killed AJ Quartermaine, and according to the General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday November 5 – the rumors might just be true. At Franco and Carly’s Halloween wedding, Franco played a recording revealing that not only did Sonny kill AJ, but Michael’s mom Carly helped him hide it from Michael. Obviously Michael didn’t take the news well, and he stormed off after informing his mother she was “dead to him.”

General Hospital spoilers in the sneak peek video for Wednesday November 5 reveal that Michael is on a mission to avenge AJ’s death. In the GH promo video Michael barges in to Sonny’s house with a crazed look on his face, toting a gun, and calling out for Sonny. Considering just how furious Michael is, there is a good chance that Sonny could wind up with a bullet in him. Rumor has it that Michael shoots Sonny, and his brother Morgan takes the blame for it. Photos of Morgan Cointhos being booked in to Port Charles Police Department hit the internet a few weeks ago.

The General Hospital spoiler video for Wednesday’s episode of the ABC soap also teases that Ava Jerome will continue plead with Nina over her baby. Meanwhile, Silas and Sam share a close moment while they wait for Danny’s test results, and Franco continues to taunt Carly and informs her “it’s so far from over.”

So GH fans, do you think that Michael is angry enough over AJ Quartermaine’s murder to shoot and try to kill Sonny Corinthos? Do you believe the rumors that his brother Morgan takes the blame for Michael? If Sonny is shot, would the General Hospital writers really kill him off? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers and news.

What do the expert fans at Soap Opera Spy Facebook page think about the Michael and Sonny impending showdown:

This show shouldn’t even make Michael look like a nut case hunting Sonny down with a gun in his hand….Michael really didn’t even no A.J. as a Father. If anyone is a nut case it is Franco.

Truth is Sonny admits that he kill Aj but hopefully , Ava will admit she smothered Aj to death. she should tell Sonny she killed Connie.

My heart sank when Michael had to find out the way he did about sonny killing AJ I just cried and felt so bad for him :(

A little confused about why Morgan would take the rap for Michael about Sonny getting shot? What am I missing?

this show gets sicker and sicker the writers needs to go.

Sonny knows Ava killed Connie. That why he was held until she had the baby.

Let’s see what actually transpires before we jump to any GH conclusions!