Ian Somerhalder, Nikki Reed PDA, Engagement Plans Force Nina Dobrev to Quit Vampire Diaries (PHOTOS)

Ian Somerhalder, Nikki Reed PDA, Engagement Plans Force Nina Dobrev to Quit Vampire Diaries (PHOTOS)

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed only started dating a few months ago, but the couple is apparently moving at bullet speed because there’s already engagement talk. Sources close to Ian claim that he and Nikki are planning to get married soon, which won’t make things too awkward on the set of The Vampire Diaries or anything. Just Ian, his new fiance, and his ex-girlfriend, Nina Dobrev, all hanging out, pretending to be BFFs while secretly muttering curse words at each other.

In fact, our sources say that the tension on set has already ramped up since Ian and Nikki started dating, and it only got worse as he continued bringing her to set. Granted, it was never as happy-go-lucky as it used to be after Ian and Nina broke up, but things definitely took a turn for the worse after Ian started making puppy eyes at Nikki. And now, with Ian’s impending engagement, I can’t imagine things will get any better.

Considering that this is probably the last season that most of the cast is contracted to – not to mention Ian’s hints that this could be the final season of the show anyway – I don’t think Ian and Nina will have to put up with each other for too long.

But even if Ian stays and signs on for another few seasons [which is possible since his movie career hasn’t really taken off], Nina is reportedly determined to leave the show after the sixth season. For one, she simply doesn’t want to deal with her ex-boyfriend anymore, especially not when he keeps flaunting his new relationship in her face. And for another, she actually has a shot at developing a legit movie career, something that Ian already tried [and failed].

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  1. milasmith150 says:

    Can you stop ian and nikki are happy your just a stupid hater

  2. Oh well says:

    Who even cares at this point. I loved when ian and nina were together but they clearly moved on. These articles are just meant to spark rumors. If ian and nikki are together i can care less. I doubt any of this stuff is actually true.

  3. Luisa Danica says:

    i think ian and nina will find their way back to each other..they shared something really great together!!and stop talking about the failures of ian career..he is a star!

    • Mia says:

      Nina deserves better and Ian is not a ‘star.’ Maybe in the context of the the CW network, but that’s not really saying much. What the article stated is true, he does have a failed movie career. He hasn’t had success in film, even though he’s tried. Nina hasn’t had major success in film yet, but she’s starting to break out. She has a chance if she leaves now.

  4. Guest says:

    I think it was cuz ian wanted to get married and nina wasn’t ready so they just split…but they hooked up a lot and we’re pretty close after the break up

  5. Tina Isabella says:

    There were reports that he was cheating. Then there were reports that he was about to ask Nina to marry him and she got the cold feet and want to concentrate on her career. So who really knows the real answer. Like Ian once stated no one knows what really goes on behind closed doors.

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  7. Mia says:

    The PR on this is so obvious, it’s not even funny anymore. It’d be laughable if it weren’t so pathetic and try hard. I don’t watch TVD anymore and I could care less whether Ian and Nina were together or not, since I think she deserves better. She actually seems much happier and more carefree now, not so serious.

    • Guest says:

      They both deserve to be with people that love and respect them. With that being said, both Ian and Nina appear to be happy now. Why judge?

  8. Mia says:

    More like Nikki dated Paul for 3 months and their marriage only last 2 1/2 years. She’s been dating Ian for like 2 months, I doubt they’ll make it to a year no matter how long they’ve been friends. lmfao

  9. Mia says:

    The comparison was their film careers, not his humanitarian work with her film career. LOL She does have a more successful film career.

    • BashfulBeethoven says:

      I never heard of her being in anything. So i dont know how you claim she has a more successful movie career. She’s nevered stared in a leading role or box office hit as far as I know. A 5 minute appearance doesn’t count as being more successful in your movie career. Lmao U have a lot to learn.

  10. Mia says:

    LOL Ian’s acting is far worse, Paul Wesley is the only one who can actually act on TVD.

  11. Mia says:

    What we see is only half the story. Ian and Nina may have seemed happy on the outside for 3 years, but aside from Maggie Grace and Meghan Auld, Ian has always gone after the young girls. So it’s really no surprise he cheated on Nina, no matter how much he may have loved her. I think there’s truth to the cheating story and to the proposal story, both probably factored into the breakup. I actually think Ian probably is really infatuated with Nikki (being ‘in love’ is a different story), he seems way more into her than she is into him. And, he’s way too concerned with how tween fans online feel about her and their relationship. Just yesterday, Ian was fighting with a fan on IG because she said something negative about Nikki and how she hates her. I know he wants everyone to like her, but he can’t force them to and it just makes him look immature. If this ends, I don’t think it’ll be due to Ian cheating but probably Nikki getting bored with him or something. It seems like she hasn’t actually learned anything from her failed marriage to Paul McDonald, like how it’s probably not the best idea to jump into relationships right away, no matter how long she’s known Ian. By the same token though, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did cheat with someone younger. If Ian really did cheat on Nina, then he can definitely cheat on Nikki.

  12. Miamigoddess says:

    I think theyre great together, so happy for them! When he was dating nina it seemed to good to be true, it seemed fake and staged for some reason and everyone was like “omg hes actually gay nina is just bearding blah blah blah” but I really like Ian and Nikki together am I the only one?

  13. sara says:

    IMHO I never believed that what Ian and Nina had was completely real, at some point sure they had more than a friendship but in this relationship was more important the show and publicity, fans love on and off relationships, and at the end NIAN relationship was good for them (career wise and publicity) for some period of time, and I am pretty sure if it wasn´t for the show, they would have announced the break up way before. Timing in Hollywood is important. I don´t think that Ian and Nina really loved each other, if they really loved each other, I think that they would be together. As for Ian and Nikki, well I have always thought that Ian can´t be without someone next to him, he has always been in a relationship and loves the beginning of a relationship when everything is exciting and new. I see him more into this relationship but who knows. There are rumours of wedding etc, I would not be surprised, but I would be highly surprise that this couple will last “forever”,

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  15. guest says:

    lol, are you for real, the one that ruined nian forever was Nina.. you don’t honestly thing that that Ian would ever take Her back after 18 months of flaunting guy after guy and saying what a great life she has. I am so glad that that beautiful man found love again, and looks more in Love than ever and happy.

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  18. ladyd712 says:

    Not true – Paul was blind sided by the divorce. She is a neurotic clinging stalker who ruined her ex’s singing career. Ian should run far away. And regardless of their personal relationship – she does not belong on the set of TVD. Very unprofessional.Seems like Ian is trying to make Nina jealous.

  19. foh says:

    hahaha!!! you Nians are going to slit your collective wrists!!

  20. foh says:


  21. Tish says:

    wtf is wrong with your english

  22. NIAN FOREVER says:

    i agree nian forever [expletive] all the haters

  23. USUCK says:

    Paul is the best damn actor on tvd without him tvd would be nothing and Ian would go back failing in life he does have a failed career but not just in movies in everything

    • guest says:

      I suck because I don’t think paul Wesley is a good actor. okay., and the reason most people are still hanging in there is for damon /ian., go to the tenths of thousands of post on TVD Page.and His just about 16.000,000 Page. We will see who is doing what after.

  24. lacy says:

    I’m sick of hearing about ian and Nikki blah change it up let’s hear about paul wesley he’s doing pretty good