Ian Somerhalder Skips Nina Dobrev’s Red Carpet Premiere – Cruel Snub – ‘Vampire Diaries’ Stars Clearly Hate Each Other Now

Ian Somerhalder Skips Nina Dobrev's Red Carpet Premiere - Cruel Snub - 'Vampire Diaries' Stars Clearly Hate Each Other Now

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have broken up, and Ian doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Nina anymore. Don’t believe me? Even though it’s expected that TV show Vampire Diaries co-stars support each other at their various movie premieres, Ian snubbed Nina and didn’t turn up at the Let’s Be Cops premiere.

Nina hasn’t had many movie premieres, and yet, Ian was noticeably absent from the proceedings. Sure, one could argue that he just didn’t want to witness her topless scene in person, but you could also say that he was too busy frolicking with Nikki Reed and didn’t have time to waste on his ex-girlfriend’s movie premiere.

It’s quite a snub, especially since he purports to be extremely supportive of his co-stars’ careers. Then why was he missing from one of the first big premieres of Nina’s career? Jealous that her movie career was doing better than his? Or did he just not want to cause drama and gossip by showing up at the premiere?

There’s also a possibility that Nikki didn’t let him go to the premiere. After all, Ian and Nikki just started dating, and Ian and Nina dated for so many years. I’m sure there’s some level of insecurity there, just as Ian would feel jealous if Nikki was to attend her ex-husband’s concert.

Plus, the way Nina’s been going lately, she’ll have hooked up with several dudes at the premiere afterparty, and maybe Ian knew that going in. No ex-boyfriend’s going to want to see his ex-girlfriend having several flings with other dudes, especially not when he could be spending that time with his new girlfriend.

What do you guys think? Why didn’t Ian make a pit stop at the premiere? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.