Ian Somerhalder Split With Nina Dobrev Becuase Vampire Diaries Star Cheated and Broke His Heart

Ian Somerhalder Split With Nina Dobrev Becuase Vampire Diaries Star Cheated and Broke His Heart

Remember all of those rumors this time last year about Vampire Diaries couple Ian Somerhalder cheating a Nina Dobrev and that being the reason why the couple of three years split? Well it seems that the Vampire Diaries actor isn’t necessarily comfortable with us believing that he is a swarmy cheater. In fact in the May 26th print edition of Life & Style magazine Ian claims that dating in Hollywood has to be “gnarly” especially since he is a “serial monogamist”. Apparently this is the reason why we don’t see him with a string of young, hot actresses on his arm.

It also makes me wonder if he really did cheat on Nina. I mean she is actually the one who now seems to be a bit more caught up in playing the Hollywood game. She dates actors and celebs briefly and is always photographed partying with her BFF, Julianne Hough. Maybe everyone actually had it backwards and Nina cheated? Ian has always been notoriously private, he refused to even confirm that he and Nina were dating until halfway through the relationship so it makes sense that it would take him a year to even indirectly address the cheating rumors.

Do you think Ian wants us to know that he didn’t ruin the relationship with Nina by cheating? Do you believe that he is as loyal to the women he dates as he would want us to believe? Maybe it was actually Nina who messed things up and that’s why we watched her struggle publicly for months before finally getting her feet back under her! Ian just backed up and kept his mouth shut, until now. What do you think that the real story is here? Tell us your thoughts on Ian’s latest statement in the comments below!

Here is Nina Dobrev after the break-up with Ian Somerhalder – Vampire Diaries star doesn’t exactly look too sad.

Julianne Hough & Nina Dobrev Soaking Up The Sun In Miami

Photo Credit: FameFlynet