Do Beyonce And Jay-Z Condone Domestic Violence By Not Issuing A Statement Against It?

Do Beyonce And Jay-Z Condone Domestic Violence By Not Issuing A Statement Against It?

Here we are, three days into the scandal that has taken everything about Jay-Z and Beyonce‘s carefully crafted image and tossed it into the wind. It’s amazing how long it is taking for some people to really wrap their heads around what we have seen on that infamous elevator surveillance video. I mean we have already speculated about why Solange was angry enough to slap, punch, and kick her brother-in-law, and we have watched as the Knowles/Carter publicity machine has worked overtime to try and visually convince us that everything is A-Ok between these three people.

But guess what, it’s really not at all okay. Sure, Bey can sit beside her husband at a basketball game and look as if everything’s all right, but the look on her face told us it was a necessary evil rather than an honor to be there.

Sure, Solange went to a jewelry store with Jay yesterday in order to be photographed by the paparazzi looking like all is well, but you know as well as I do that they had to offer her something major to make her show up because Solange is the free-spirited woman that Beyonce only wishes that she could be. This chick does as she pleases and my guess is that there was an ultimatum — either show up and play nice or prepare to take the fall alone.

So many different details of this situation have been ripped apart. But answer me this: Why has there been no statement regarding the domestic violence that by now most of the world has seen? Don’t tell me that this family should gloss over it and move on because this is not the kind of thing that you choose to pretend didn’t happen.

Queen Bey is idolized by millions of young girls and for the last three days she has sent the message that her family handles things by putting their hands and feet on each other in violence and anger — and so it’s perfectly normal if yours does too. Instead of sending a strong message of empowerment and denouncing the use of violence, she is staying silent.

Think about it. If this were any other celeb, political, or high profile figure a statement would have come out within hours apologizing and vilifying the use of violence in any situation, right? So why are Beyonce, Jay Z, and Solange staying quiet? And, perhaps more importantly, why isn’t it beginning to leave a really bad taste in everyone’s mouth?

Jay has been praised for not swinging back, but no one dares to say how it should never, under any circumstances, have happened in the first place. When did the use of violence become so acceptable that we are unfazed by its occurrence? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image credit to FameFlynet