Pregnant Jennifer Aniston Prepares To Raise Baby Alone As Justin Theroux Calls Off the Wedding! (PHOTO)

Pregnant Jennifer Aniston Prepares To Raise Baby Alone As Justin Theroux Calls Off the Wedding! (PHOTO)

I wonder if Jennifer Aniston gets tired of everyone speculating about her wedding plans and baby news each and every week. The status of her personal life is always a big deal it seems and my guess is that must make it a whole lot harder during times like this — when she can’t quite get her man to commit. Sure, Justin Theroux put a ring on it nearly two years ago but according to the June 30th print edition of InTouch magazine, he has no intention of actually marrying Jen.

In fact, as of now, the wedding is off and Jen isn’t exactly curling up in a ball and dying. Instead, she has decided that she doesn’t need Justin or any other man to help her raise a child. Perhaps Jen would be wise to focus on a child rather than a man. She has had pretty bad aim when it comes to choosing a great guy, so she might be wise to focus her attentions elsewhere!

Tori Spelling really is doing everything possible to make sure that her reality show True Tori gets picked up for another season. After spending several weeks allowing the cameras to film her therapy sessions with admitted cheating hubby, Dean McDermott, Tori is now looking to talk to his mistress.

InTouch has the inside track on Tori’s road trip to meet Emily Goodhand. Many people believe that this chick was actually made up to create drama in the couples’ marriage, so I wonder if Tori will have any luck tracking down the invisible woman with absolutely no digital footprint.

Can you believe that Kourtney Kardashian actually planned on having baby number 3 with Scott Disick? Well, she did, and in return Scott is being his normal self and partying hard in the Hamptons. So hard, in fact, that Kourt has thrown Scott out of their home twice in the last week and she is now reportedly leaning on him to go to rehab. I’m not sure why Kourtney thinks she can force Scott to get help now but according to InTouch magazine she does think that she has some leverage.