The Jonas Brothers Attend Therapy Together – Report

The Jonas Brothers Attend Therapy Together - Report

According to a new report from Star Magazine, the Jonas Brothers are all in therapy together. The band announced their split last October, but unlike other boy bands, they are forced to stay in touch with each other because they are siblings. So what’s the solution? Well, according to Star, therapy is helping the brothers deal with their issues and move on from their initial breakup.

A source explains, “They are seeing a therapist to mend what their rep called a ‘deep rift within the band.’ Joe [Jonas] thought he was a bigger star than his brothers, and all he wanted to do was party and be a rock star, while Nick [Jonas] wants a serious music career. Kevin [Jonas] was caught in the middle. They were sick of each other — and angry too.”

It’s the normal sibling rivalry, except with millions of dollars on the line. Of course, the brothers’ parents couldn’t take any more of their bickering, and their mother reportedly put her foot down in the end. She reportedly ordered them into therapy, with the source adding, “They guys are trying; they’re finally realizing that they are brothers first — and that’s what really matters.”

So could be we seeing a Jonas brothers reunion anytime soon? The rift in their relationship was pretty bad, considering they broke up right before going on tour together. Plus, there’s all those stories about Joe’s alleged drug addiction, and the family trying to deal with the public fallout from that. Overall, I wouldn’t predict the Jonas Brothers getting back together quickly, but it’s possible that they put their differences aside in the future. Like, way into the future. After they’ve been in therapy for some time and worked through all their issues.