Julia Roberts and Danny Moder Divorce After Cheating Allegations Report (PHOTO)

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder Divorce After Cheating Allegations Report (PHOTO)

Julia Roberts leads an extremely private life right now, in contrast to her early 90s. Granted, she’s also no longer as famous as she used to be, as the title of ‘America’s Sweetheart’ has been handed down to many other actresses, including Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone.

That means that the focus on her love life has definitely diminished over the recent years, and she’s managed to live a relatively peaceful life, without press or tabloid intrusion. It’s there, of course, but not to the extent to which she used to face it. But when it’s alleged that she cheated on her husband, you can’t really expect the tabloids to ignore that, can you?

According to the latest cover issue of the National Enquirer, Julia’s been caught with another man, cheating on longtime hubby Daniel Moder [affectionately referred to as ‘Danny’]. This has reportedly led to a lot of fighting between the couple, and a possible $620 million divorce. And keep in mind, this isn’t the first time divorce rumors have plagued Julia and Danny, especially since Julia’s been linked to many co-stars and co-workers in the industry. Plus, we know Julia doesn’t seem to have a problem with affairs, considering how she and Danny got together in the first place [i.e., he allegedly cheated on his ex-wife with Julia]. At the time, Danny’s ex-wife claimed that he would cheat on Julia just as he cheated on her, but maybe the roles are reversed? Maybe Julia’s the one doing the cheating, not the other way around. Or perhaps the couple has an open marriage, which wouldn’t make them that unusual in Hollyweird.

Other ‘$620 million’ divorcing couples include Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, and John Travolta and Kelly Preston. Nicole and Keith, I can believe, but John and Kelly? The two have put way too much effort into pretending their marriage is perfect to give up now. If John Travolta’s familiarity with masseuses didn’t cause them to divorce, nothing will.

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