Justin Timberlake Divorce From Jessica Biel After Cheating and Failed Pregnancy Plans?

Justin Timberlake Divorce From Jessica Biel After Cheating and Failed Pregnancy Plans?

Jessica Biel‘s career has gone into the crapper over the last few years, especially as Hollywood has started placing talent above looks or connections. Unfortunately for Jessica, she’s married to Justin Timberlake and has the looks of a leading lady, but without acting ability, it’s all a moot point. She’s managed to land one high-profile role over the past year, and that was an ensemble role. At this rate, is she even technically an actress anymore?

Sources close to Jessica [via OK! Magazine] have revealed that she realizes her time in movies may be coming to an end, so she’s now turned to producing reality shows to keep herself relevant in the industry. However, Justin is reportedly worried about Jessica’s foray into reality TV, only because he’s anxious about what she’ll end up revealing about their own marriage. Apparently, he thinks that she may use Last Chance [a couple’s therapy reality show that she’s producing] to examine their own marriage issues.

And don’t forget that Jessica and Justin recently sought advice on having a baby – as we reported a couple of month ago, Jessica and Justin went to see noted pregnancy/midwife expert Latham Thomas to ask advice on the birthing process. 

Justin’s been accused of cheating on Jessica numerous times over the past few years, ever since they first started dating. It’s been rumored that she knows about his infidelity, but she hasn’t said or done anything about it because she doesn’t want her career or public profile to take a hit – which it definitely would if she ended up getting a divorce. However, everyone reaches their limit eventually, and Jessica may just be reaching hers. With a shitty career and a shitty husband, can you blame her?

In the end, the onus will be on her to initiate a separation or a divorce, because Justin sure as hell ain’t doing it. But Mrs. Timberlake likes being Mrs. Timberlake for now, even if it doesn’t have all the benefits she initially envisioned. We’ll have to wait and see whether she thinks its still worth it in the future.

  • PassionQueen77

    i knew this marriage wasn’t going to last. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake didn’t spend time with eachother that much. Jessica Biel can find love again after this divorce. Justin Timberlake seems like he wanted out of the relationship.

  • No

    Oh please. Ok mag is full of it. This is one of four shows she is producing

  • janie

    I never understood why the marriage? It’s been everywhere that he likes the ladies? Marriage doesn’t cure infidelity.

    • Alicia

      and since when rumors are facts?

  • Kay

    Tick tock…Tick tock…Some of us all ready know the real deal about this marriage. We are just waiting for the charades to stop and for the rest of the world to take their blinders off. Until then, time will continue to keep on talking and it will NOT have a pretty tale to tell in the end.

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  • Ilou

    Those are just stupid rumors. They clearly don’t care what public thinks of them. They get nothing from being in arranged marriage. Neither Justin nor Jessica use their marriage for publicity. I don’t get what would be the point. Their relationship is really private, so it’s impossible for such rumors to be true. Yes, they broke up (only once) but they quickly got together. That’s when he probably wrote Mirrors for her. Britney is NOT Justin’s real love. He left her after she cheated over 12 years ago. Move on. Let Justin live his life the way he wants. He is a human and he deserves happiness. He is not a robot who will fullfill some delusional fans fantasy. You don’t know his thoughts, you never were with him and his wife in their bedroom. They are together on his tour and they seem happy. And some time ago there was rumor about how Jessica wanted a child and Justin didn’t. Tabloids can’t even keep up with their stories.

  • Ilou

    You know what songwriters do? They write songs about things that might have actually not happened to them. Maybe you are the crazy one here? I don’t know him, you don’t know him. Is it really impossible for him to care about her? Stop playing detective and let them live. Also, stop believing in everything you read. It’s actually brainwashing. Maybe focus on your own life as much as you focus on theirs. It’s becoming sad.