Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery Obsession – Proof Of Botox And Neck Lift

Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery Obsession - Proof Of Botox And Neck Lift

Kate Gosselin will never admit to getting more than a tummy tuck in the plastic surgery department, but experts have stated that her face proves otherwise.

According to several doctors, there are several hints to the number of plastic surgery procedures that Kate has gotten, which include Botox, a neck lift, laser surgery, and fat transfers.

A popular plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills [via Radar Online] weighs in, explaining, “Judging by low brows and less lines between the brows, Botox is very likely. The makeup makes it a bit challenging to say accurately, but a skin tightening light pulse or serial lasers, chemical peels as well as a neck lift are all possibilities to explain the tighter jawline. Fillers or fat transfer also are likely making her overall cheeks and face softer as well.”

Well, of course Kate went and spruced herself up – she’s on television regularly for the first time in years, ever since Jon and Kate Plus 8 ended. Kate definitely looks years younger during her appearances on Celebrity Apprentice, but a large part of that also has to due with the HD makeup that they force contestants to wear on that show. But even then, it’s a remarkable difference to the woman we’re used to seeing in candids or interviews. It’s obvious that Kate’s gotten several procedures to fix up her face. After all, HD television is very unforgiving, and Kate clearly plans to continue her reality television career for as long as possible.

After the Celebrity Apprentice, she even has that special with her kids coming up during the summer. Thus, it wouldn’t be very surprising to see Kate continue with her plastic surgery experimentation, and it’s possible that the results start becoming much more obvious and much less subtle with time. It always happens that way, right? They start off slowly, and then they can’t stop themselves – and eventually, it just becomes an addiction.

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