Will Kate Gosselin Allow Her Twin Daughters Cara and Mady To Go On Dates With Boys?

Will Kate Gosselin Allow Her Twin Daughters Cara and Mady To Go On Dates With Boys?

Kate Gosselin‘s twin daughters, Mady Gosselin and Cara Gosselin, have unfortunately been forced into the limelight by their mother. However, regardless of their feelings towards their mother [which seems to be bordering on annoyance and indifference], Kate’s at least managed to raise them without any untoward incidents, which is probably more than we would be saying for Jon Gosselin. But even then, Kate’s twin girls, Mady and Cara, are now approaching their teenage years, and you know what that means? Dating.

Unfortunately for them, their mother’s little stunt with the media has now put them squarely in the spotlight. That means that whatever they choose to do in the near future will be covered by the media, whether they want it to or not. It’s too late for Mady and Cara to wish for their privacy now, which is something that their mother should have thought of. Of course, Kate can’t think about anything but getting back into the spotlight, so of course she wouldn’t consider her daughter’s privacy.

Either way, this is going to make the whole dating issue pretty explosive. On the one hand, of course Mady and Cara are going to want to start dating soon, especially as they start to enter high school. But on the other hand, will Kate let them, knowing that there are people that will take advantage of their fame? Even if Kate’s a has-been reality star, she’s put the world’s attention on her daughters by forcing them to give interviews to People and other major outlets, which means that for better or worse, people know who they are – including potential dates.

It’s possible that Kate just refuses to let her daughters date – but when they’re so close to cutting her off completely, upsetting them even further might not be the smartest move.

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