Kate Middleton Baby Girl Due in April: Kate’s Health Improves – Prince William Delighted With Daughter News After Tests

Kate Middleton Baby Girl Due in April: Kate's Health Improves - Prince William Delighted With Daughter News After Tests

Kate Middleton and Prince William went for their 12-week baby scan this week and it looks like it’s been confirmed that Kate is pregnant with a baby girl. It has been six weeks since the Palace confirmed the rumors were true and Kate Middleton was pregnant again, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are currently expecting their second child. The only reason the Royal Family confirmed Kate’s baby bump so early in the pregnancy was because Prince George’s mother was battling another bout of Hyperemisis Gravidarum (acute morning sickness), and was forced to cancel multiple Royal engagements.

The New York Daily News secured exclusive rights to photographs of Kate Middleton on October 15th, her first outing since her pregnancy was confirmed in early September. Prince William and Kate were spotted leaving a medical clinic in London late in the evening, where they were thought to be visiting Dr. Alan Farthing for a pregnancy scan and ultrasound and perhaps other tests.

Kate Middleton can’t hide away in the Palace during her entire pregnancy, it’s only natural that at some point she will have to brave the outside world and go to her doctor’s appointments, after all she is considered a high-risk pregnancy. So, we’re not exactly shocked that the Royal couple were photographed leaving the clinic. What is interesting is that Prince William and Kate Middleton left clutching a yellow envelope (most likely photos of their unborn baby) and the couple was smiling ear to ear as they climbed in to the car waiting for them. They weren’t just smiling politely, they literally look like giddy children on Christmas morning.

It’s no secret that both Kate and Will wanted to have a girl, and even were already decorating a pink nursery because they were certain they were having a daughter. Sources have already revealed that they have even been picking out names for a baby girl. The only reason Kate and Will would be that happy after leaving the clinic is if their pregnancy scan and tests revealed they are having a baby girl. 12 weeks is a little early to reveal the baby’s sex in all cases but a search of the Internet shows that it is entirely possible to determine the gender of a child at 12-weeks with non-invasive tests. We’re not saying the royal couple would be disappointed if they were having a boy, but they would not be this happy.

So, did you check out the pictures of Will and Kate leaving the clinic? Are you as sure as we are that they are having a baby girl, why else would Kate be smiling like that? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Update: The Office of Prince Charles at Clarence House, (not Buckingham Palace, as some sites continue to erroneously report) made an official announcement today, October 20, concerning Prince William and Kate Middleton:

“Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to confirm they are expecting a baby in April 2015,”

“The Duchess of Cambridge continues to be affected by Hyperemisis Gravidarum, but her condition is steadily improving.”

Image credit to FameFlynet Kate Middleton, Prince William

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24 responses to “Kate Middleton Baby Girl Due in April: Kate’s Health Improves – Prince William Delighted With Daughter News After Tests”

  1. KateMiddleton says:

    this story needs fact checking. no scan can determine the gender at 12 weeks.

  2. Bella Ella says:

    Please stop posting such rubbish. Non

  3. Shame on you. There is NO truth to this. It is NOT true. Please stop spreading rumors. She is not far along enough for them to know the gender & even if she were, it would NOT be released. This is very irresponsible of you.

  4. guest says:

    Maybe she’s just happy to find out their baby is perfectly health even after the Hg bout

  5. TheFormerMoi says:

    Fact check: Latest equipment can tell a baby’s sex at 12 weeks, BUT everything else in this article is pure conjecture.

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  7. TownTart says:

    Hard on the surrogate.

    • Paula Burton says:

      the only place there is a surrogate is in the minds of people who can’t accept that a healthy woman can have a baby despite them not liking her

  8. Teresina Brisciana says:

    Don’t believe any news about this couple unless it comes as a direct announcement from Buckingham Palace.

  9. jennifercatherine says:

    What an angry little person you are. So sad.

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  12. amaryllis says:

    Since they elected not to know the gender of their first baby, it’s likely they don’t know this time. And even if they did, you can’t tell by their smiles. I suspect we will know the baby’s gender after it is delivered.

  13. Chlo says:

    You cant fin the sex at 12 weeks

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  17. Elia says:

    Of course – anyone who criticizes Waity gets the wrath of the groupies.
    “HG” doesn’t magically clear off at the third month…but ordinary morning sickness does. Maybe a little truth wouldn’t hurt anyone.

    • Paula Burton says:

      List Of Pregnancy Symptoms
      Pregnancy Complications

      What Is Hyperemesis Gravidarum?

      Hyperemesis gravidarum is the medical term to describe severe vomiting and nausea which is persistent and debilitating during pregnancy. It is not to be confused with morning sickness, even in bad cases. Hyperemesis gravidarum usually appears in the first trimester and disappears between weeks 12 to 16, although it can continue into the third trimester of pregnancy. 22 percent of women in fact experience the condition throughout the three trimesters, while others experience it in the first only to experience it again in the third. If untreated it can lead to dehydration, weight loss and malnutrition. In extreme cases it can cause liver damage and Wernicke’s encephalopathy (brain disorder) and in such cases the pregnancy may need to be terminated. Fortunately in the vast majority of cases, although the woman may feel very ill, their baby is unlikely to be affected. Most studies show that babies born to women who suffer hyperemesis gravidarum show no health or development problems compared to those who are born to mothers who were healthy.

      So as you see hg does for most women stop in the second trimester idiot

  18. Elia says:

    and you don’t show up…..

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