Kate Middleton Hires Female Bum Guard Detective to Protect Duchess of Cambridge Royal Bare Butt from Pics (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton Hires Female Bum Guard Detective to Protect Duchess of Cambridge Royal Bare Butt from Pics (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton is so worried about preventing future bare bum pictures from being taken that she’s reportedly hired a ‘bum guard‘. Yeah, you read that right.

By now, everyone who reads the Internet knows about Kate’s naked bum photos. She was walking in front of photographers during a windy day, her dress flew up, and some enterprising [and creepy?] photographer managed to get a shot (Photo Here!) of Kate’s bare bum – no slip, no underwear, nada.

Of course, the royals have been internally freaking out after the pictures were released on the Internet, especially since they were taken legally and there was nothing that they could do to get them taken down. However, sources say that Kate’s already taking steps to prevent this from ever happening again, and step numero uno has been to hire a ‘bum guard’.

Apparently, this guard [female, of course] will accompany Kate in every possible public venue, both on personal and official business, and stand guard next to Kate to prevent anyone from getting compromising photos of her. A source tells the Daily Star, “Kate will now be watched all the time. We can’t afford any more embarrassing photos like this. She needs more protection to spare her blushes.”

See, I can completely believe that the royals would beef up security to prevent this from happening again. However, there is a very, very easy solution to this problem – wear proper underwear! Or better yet, wear underwear and then another layer on top of it. Don’t give me comfort as an excuse either – she’s the freaking Duchess of Cambridge, and if she doesn’t want people to see her bum, she can very easily take steps to prevent that. Weight her dress down, wear a slip, something. Anything else used an excuse is just dilly-dallying around the issue. This has happened too many times for Kate not to have learned her lesson, and if it happens again, people will start to wonder if it’s just a publicity stunt.

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7 responses to “Kate Middleton Hires Female Bum Guard Detective to Protect Duchess of Cambridge Royal Bare Butt from Pics (PHOTOS)”

  1. micmac says:

    I’ve heard a rumour that the proceeds from the lucky camera shot will be given to charity. And no, I don’t think people should care about what underwear Kate wears. I’m almost relieved she might have gone commando in this helicopter-rotor provoked incident. Is so-called “proper underwear” going to be regulation cottontails, nuns’ clothing, the sort of things grandma used to wear or the latest fashion in lace undies?

  2. auds says:

    funny ,dianas hems were not weightedshe was just lucky enough not to get caught in high winds.FYI.Kate wears Panty–Hose.If you wear pantyhose,you do not have to wear Panties separately If she had on a slip it would also go up in high wind.this is stupid to blame kate.blame the oh so eager Photographer of such a low class nature.
    Stop picking on Kate/.

  3. auds says:

    the wind doesn’t always blow the way you want it to.Perhaps william could stand a little closer so he could hold down the flying skirt.It is really shameful that the Public has to make such a fuss.these things happen everywhere.Leave it alone.Kate should not have to be criticized by such a rowdy group of people.

  4. Dora the Explorer says:

    She is very quickly becoming an over pretentious, pampered, prat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Emmie Faison says:

    That is another lie the only thing that has taken a dive is your poor, poor, ignorant paper, I was in the grocery store and over heard some people talking about this dirty launder paper they said it was the stupid paper that has ever been printed and none of it is true :

  6. […] seems incapable of wearing proper underwear or weighting her dresses down, she’s reportedly hired a bum guard to prevent photographers from getting any more naked bum […]

  7. Maggie Rogers says:

    Well all I can say is that as someone who handles Royal dress (including the one she wore to catch William’s eye), there is NO EXCUSE for this at all – I do not care what she does in private – but when she is representing the Country and on the TAXPAYER’S shilling she needs to take care – but then again I think she is an “exhibitionist” and that perhaps William gets off on it — after all he is a flyer, and is more than aware of “rotor wash” and still wife persists in conducting herself in this way – including her most recent “exposure” while pregnant and greeting a Head of State —- she needs to retire and think about what it might mean if she ever becomes the Princess of Wales and were to conduct herself in this manner. Absolutely no CLASS!!!!