Kate Middleton Pregnant: Hides Baby Bump With Private August Vacation – Second Child Confirmed or Miscarriage Rumors (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton Pregnant: Hides Baby Bump With Private August Vacation - Second Child Confirmed or Miscarriage Rumors (PHOTOS)

Every single source we’ve spoken to, not to mention the numerous reports on the subject, tell us that Kate Middleton is pregnant. The palace is refusing to confirm the pregnancy, but they’re also not going out of their way to deny it. Plus, we’ve already gotten several MAJOR confirmations that Kate and Prince William were planning to try for a baby this summer, not to mention Kate’s ex-friend Jessica Hay’s confirmation that Kate was already pregnant.

Let’s play devil’s advocate and say that Jessica didn’t know what she was talking about. I mean, Kate’s people could have easily banned her from socializing with Kate and her friends after her leaking Kate’s pregnancy the first time around. Even then, it’s a mighty coincidence that Jessica would leak the news at exactly the same time as the other reports.

We also have bookmakers in England pitching in with all of their hard-earned money, betting that Kate is pregnant. Plus, Kate’s been looking very different lately – even though she’s taking pains to hide her baby bump, there’s just no way that she can hide the bloat on her face. She definitely *looks* pregnant, but whether that’s baby weight or just weight from eating extra, we can’t say.

Overall, there’s just too much evidence supporting Kate’s second pregnancy to look the other way. Will confirmed the news that they wanted another kid soon, palace sources keep leaking stories about how the couple is ‘trying’ for another child, and friends of the couple keep speaking to the tabloids about Kate’s second pregnancy. It’s really just a matter of time before it’s officially announced by the press office.

Of course we can’t ignore the detailed GLOBE story explaining that Kate suffered a miscarriage in early July just before the Jessica Hay confirmation of her pregnancy. “Time will tell” is the only certain truth we have here.

One detail to pay attention to is that Kate and Will are taking August off work entirely and staying in the UK – and that means close to top medical services in case Kate experiences extreme morning sickness like she did with Prince George’s pregnancy. Additionally, remaining in the UK and spending most of the month at secluded Amner Hall allows the royal couple to control media access as a potential baby bump starts to grow and show….

Kate hiding her baby bump and looking puffy-faced this week?

Image Credit: FameFlynet

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  • micmac

    The trouble is there is probably only one “source” that said the Duchess might be pregnant, and the rest of the news articles are all syndicated to say that she is. I don’t believe it until either Kensington Palace or Clarence House confirms it. Prince William did say in answer to a query, that trying for a second child would have to wait for a time when they were LESS BUSY. That means holidays, doesn’t it? It doesn’t mean summer.

  • royalparasites

    Well the anorexic Waity would look bloated if she gained half a pound. Maybe that’s what happened.

    • Mellissa

      You don’t listen, do you? Leave me alone freak, I told you to stop replying to my comments once already.

    • Leah

      What I would like to know why u call kate waity

  • royalparasites

    So, even though the strange,demented woman is still leaping around in those wedgies {something about those wedgies she is trying to prove to us, but what can it be ?}….even though Waity is leaping around all crazy-boingo on wedgies we’re supposed to believe she’s got another spawn baking in the ah, royal baby oven, ? Isn’t that sort of dangerous ? How about a wedgie-intervention ? She needs it.

    • kkeri12

      You’re the only ‘strange, demented’ one, royalparasites.

  • kkeri12

    Bobby Fischer, are you and the Globe still trying to make the pregnant/miscarriage scenario happen? You might as well give up, I’ve already debunked the ‘currently pregnant’ myth and correctly predicted the ‘miscarriage’ articles. I’m 2-0 so far, which trumps anything you guys have accomplished.

    Besides, on September 1st Kate is flying 1301.7miles/2094.9km on behalf of the Queen from London to Malta, which is just a slight bit northeast of Tunsia, North Africa. Chances are Nil to None that Buck Palace would let Kate fly that far if she were already carrying the spare to little George’s heir. Nope, you’re hearing it from me first guys: William and Kate will wait until Kate gets back from Malta before they start trying for baby no. 2.

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  • micmac

    Reckon you could do that job better? BTW, you might try working for nothing flying air ambulance helicopters for a charity.