Kate Middleton Appears Pregnant With Second Child Baby Bump – Pregnancy or Miscarriage – NEW PICS (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton Appears Pregnant With Second Child Baby Bump - Pregnancy or Miscarriage - NEW PICS (PHOTOS)

Well, we can say one thing about Kate Middleton: she’s not hiding the fact that she’s pregnant. Instead, she’s embracing it fully and completely, even stepping out in public. She’s probably realized that there’s no way to avoid the rumors and stories, and short of confirming it themselves, there’s nothing they can do to stem the flow. As such, she’s stopped caring about the paparazzi and photographers, and has just decided to go with it. Of course we know that GLOBE reports that Kate has had a miscarriage and that has certainly not been ruled out. We are all awaiting an official Palace announcement to clear up the situation.

Kate, Prince William, and Prince Harry all attended the gymnastics during the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow today, and it was extremely obvious that there was something different about Kate’s face. She’s been looking more bloated in recent public appearances, but nothing compared to his. Her face looks completely different, fuller and rounder than it ever used to look – even during Prince George‘s pregnancy. However, she rarely stepped out during the later months of George’s pregnancy, so for all we know, this is how she looked then.

If that’s the case, then Kate might be further along than we initially imagined. Is it possible that she’s actually well into her second trimester? I mean, Prince William has admitted that he and Kate are trying, and everyone close to the royal couple has corroborated the story. Plus, the palace PR people aren’t going out of their way to deny the rumors, even though they used to last year. So yes, we know that they are 100% planning for the spare sometime next year. But if Kate’s weight gain and face changes are any indication, that pregnancy has already happened.

Do you guys agree? Is Kate pregnant with the ‘spare’? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Prince Harry, Kate Middleton and Prince William attend the gymnastics during the Commonwealth Games on July 28, 2014 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Kate Middleton, (Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) visits Sports Aid in Glasgow, Scotland on July 29, 2014. Kate posed for pictures with children before an interview. Is Kate holding a baby bump?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

  • weirswalker

    Are you kidding ? She looked thin as usual, and beautiful and happy in these pics…

  • royalparasites

    Yes the weirdo is out leaping around in those giant wedgies, pregnant at the same time ? LOL. Well maybe. She’s not that bright, whether has got a “soft” college degree or no, she’s still not the brightest crayon. Can’t keep her dress down and apparently has an odd fetish with those wedgies. I guess the flashing is a fetish of sorts too. Middleton needs a psychiatric intervention. Pry the wedgies away from her and buy her some panties. We’ll all be relieved.

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  • Giulia62

    I have thought that she is pregnant for about 3 weeks now. Hoping for an announcement.

  • Just my thoughts

    How awful that they refer to a possible baby as the SPARE! I feel this is so incredibly rude. Not to mention she looks beautiful as always… Why do people always have to try and create a story?
    When they are expecting their next BABY, when They see fit,they will share the news period!

  • wenda

    What is wrong with u royalparasites are u crazy

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  • Carole Janish Wilson

    She certainly looks as beautiful as always which is fantastic. I think we like hercsi much because sge acts like a human being that could be any of us if we were looked like her. She is sexy in an understated way and think she can hold Will’s attention. She’s a great mom hauling big George around too! That could cause her to miscarry as she has all his weight in front so he can see what’s going on. As large as he is “ouch!” Whatever is Royal Parasites problem she better get help. So much hate for so little reason. Really think she needs mental help!! Jealousy can be a terrible problem and she repeats the same old, same old…

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