Kate Middleton August Vacation With Prince William at Amner Hall

Kate Middleton August Vacation With Prince William at Amner Hall

Prince William and Kate Middleton apparently don’t get enough vacation already, because they’re going on yet another one in August. What exactly do they need a vacation from, I ask? Is it the endless hours of not working? Is it utilizing their rumored private staff of twelve people to help them take care of Prince George? Is it all the sitting around and NOT attending public events? Kate and Will maybe average one event a week, or maybe two during a busy season. So out of seven days, they’re not working for five of those days. Sure, Kate is busy taking care of George and Will is ‘working’ with the army, but right now, neither of them seems to be doing much.

It’s another show of privilege from the royal family, especially when they seem to take vacations every time they feel like it. This time, a report from Vanity Fair says that Kate and Will will be taking a ‘well-deserved‘ vacation in the UK next month. Um, well-deserved, my foot.

At least they’re staying in the UK instead of doing to Mustique, which is their usual vacation destination. Instead, they will be taking George to Scotland next month, and then spending some time at Balmoral. After that, they’ll reportedly be spending the rest of their summer vacation at Anmer Hall at Sandringham, perhaps getting ready to move in permanently?

With Kate’s pregnancy rumors ramping significantly over the past week, the family might be trying to escape the endless speculation and attention that follows them in London. This way, they can relax and Kate can be pregnant in peace. Plus, they’ll get to announce the pregnancy in their own time, instead of dealing with pesky ex-friends announcing it early.

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  1. Marie De Luz says:

    Well with the fact that it’s tradition and expected of them to go there this time of the year it is also coming up to Princess Diana anniversary of her death on August 31…which leads the public to surround the gates of Kensington palace. Would you want to see that..especially william..He doesn’t need to be constantly reminded that his mother is gone. Plus you need to research a bit more about royal duties and life so you can see that they are required to be in certain places each year…then also attending Wimbledon. .The horse racers..The common wealth games are part of those duties. Plus just because it isn’t televised or written about doesn’t mean that they don’t do a lot of behind the scenes stuff and unofficial visits to their charities. .everything takes planning..even down to the minor details like an upcoming trip for kate to represent the Queen in Malta in September. .plus she is a mom and just because you can’t see into their lives and houses at all times like stupid reality tv shows doesn’t mean that it’s not happening..paparazzi have taken quite a bit of photos of kate with baby george out and about.
    People need to stop being so quick to judge and remember the saying about living in glass houses.

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