Kate Middleton Pregnant With Twin Girls – Bare Bum Scandal Forgotten? (Report Update)

Kate Middleton Pregnant With Twin Girls - Bare Bum Scandal Forgotten? (Report Update)

The Kate Middleton pregnant rumors refuse to die down, but I have a new perspective on that after the naked bum scandal.

According to Star Magazine’s latest cover story, Kate Middleton is pregnant with twin girls. Kate’s apparently been pregnant for the last 12 weeks, although she’s been keeping the pregnancy a secret thanks to her lack of morning sickness. Prince William is reportedly ecstatic with this new development, which also means that Prince George gets two more play pals come this fall.

Now, a lot of people have been doubting the truthfulness of this report, and I can see why. First of all, Kate’s had alcohol in the past 12 weeks, so we know she hasn’t been pregnant for all that time. Maybe she got pregnant recently, but she was definitely not pregnant during the Australia tour or the Scotland day trip.

However, with that being said, the pregnancy rumors have increased drastically since #KateMiddletonbarebum went viral. The Kensington press office is probably under a lot of pressure to divert the media away from bare bum gate and the all the other scandals that the royals are currently involved in – not to mention Prince Charlesnever-ending tour of idiocy.

So yes, Kate Middleton might not be pregnant right now, and when she does get pregnant again, I doubt it will be with twin girls. But there’s no denying that these rumors are coming from somewhere, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the source was the palace. Plus, who’s to say that Kate and Will aren’t trying to get pregnant again? Sure, Prince George is probably a handful, but it’s not like they don’t have nannies and staff to help them out with any future children they have.

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