Kate Middleton Leaving Kensington Palace: Plans To Raise Prince George at Anmer Hall on Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham Estate? (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton Leaving Kensington Palace: Plans To Raise Prince George at Anmer Hall on Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham Estate? (PHOTOS)

It was a pretty big deal last fall when Kate Middleton and Prince William moved into a newly remodeled, spacious apartment at Kensington Palace. It was supposed to be a great home base for the couple who had welcomed their son Prince George a few months earlier and it kept them right in the middle of the royal mix. While Kate loves her high fashion and often gives off the appearance of a London girl we’re now hearing that more than anything she wants to raise her family in the country.

According to the June 23rd print edition of Star Magazine Kate is rallying to make Anmer Hall, the country home that she shares with Prince William on the Queen’s Sandringham Estate their main residence. Queen Elizabeth gave this country mansion to Prince William for his 30th birthday. Apparently the idea of raising her kids in a quiet, peaceful setting nearly 100 miles outside of London is really appealing to the duchess. We already know that Kate seems to have a pretty clear cut idea of the kind of mother that she is aiming to be and it’s nothing like the royals that have come before her.

Kate Middleton To Leave Kensington Palace: Plans To Raise Prince George at Anmer Hall on Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham Estate? (PHOTOS)

In fact even homeschooling is said to be an option that Kate and William are already seriously considering. Country life, no private schools- the next thing you know we’ll be hearing that Kate likes to make her own natural baby food! I’m sure spending this year in London and having to be in closer proximity to Camilla Parker-Bowles and her special brand of drama has only made Kate wish for a quiet life in the country even more!

Can you see Kate and William leaving Kensington Palace for a more peaceful family life in the country? Somehow for me it’s easier to envision Kate pureeing baby food than it is to imagine her caring about the overabundance of Ivory in the palace!

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11 responses to “Kate Middleton Leaving Kensington Palace: Plans To Raise Prince George at Anmer Hall on Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham Estate? (PHOTOS)”

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  2. Fed Up says:

    I thought William and Kate said they wanted to give George a “normal life.” How can they do it if they keep him in isolation out in the woods and have him home schooled? It seems to me that something wrong is going on and I’m wondering if it’s “love on the rocks.”

  3. Layla says:

    So these two precious parasites are wanting more fences and more walls, ! LOL. William will go along with it as much as he can. Waity Kate can do no wrong. They’re both stuck up and seem to want nothing much to do with the public.
    Why not become private citizens and leave the royal life then ? Ohhhh they would have less perks and rear-kissing if they did that, ! , they want the prestige. But they don’t like having to mess with the common folk or do much charity. What a conundrum.
    They rarely release new photos of George. Remember that huge gap of many months {before the tour}, no photos of George surfaced for about half a year or more ?! Lately it’s been a little better, people have seen more of George than before. But that’s how his parents want to live…as if they don’t owe their country a thing. Now they want to isolate George !
    Willnot and Cannot want to do as little charity/public service as possible. Kate finally went to see some disabled children in the past few days, but why did it take so long ? And we’re supposed to believe it means anything to her when she rarely bothers ? In fact she ought to be kept away from innocent children since she doesn’t wear panties and can’t keep a dress down. No joke.

  4. Denese says:

    It’s on the Daily Mail site that the cost for the restoration at KP is costing 4mil+. I doubt Kate will walk away from that. It’s listed as their official home tho, so that could leave lots of free unofficial time in the country.

  5. royalparasites says:

    But… that plus the desire to live holed up at Anmer, and Willnot and Cannot’s tendency to do as they want and forget their public duties, their tendency to keep George hidden….all ends up as one huge stink.
    Charles and Diana were open towards the public. Loads of photos, appearances, even home videos were shared and they even gave interviews at home with their children. They embraced their public roles and realized the public needed to know them. Their marriage had issues but they both were far more serious,friendly, professional and dedicated to the public and doing service than Willnot and Cannot are.

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