Kate Middleton Pregnant Soon: Trying For Baby #2 with Prince William – Friends Confirm

Kate Middleton Pregnant Soon: Trying For Baby #2 with Prince William - Friends Confirm

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince George are featured on the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine in honor of George completing his first year on this planet. As such, Vanity Fair has hired royal expert Katie Nicholl to reveal a bunch of royal family secrets and gossip.

The biggest news item to come out of the article? It turns out that Kate Middleton and Prince William actually are trying for baby #2! Until now, we’ve only heard this from the tabloids and from unconfirmed sources, but Katie’s sources reportedly come from Kate’s and William’s friend circle. Apparently, these friends have confirmed to Katie Nicholl that the royal couple is trying for another baby during the summer.

This shouldn’t really be shocking, since we’ve been hearing it practically every other day for the past few months. In fact, since we’re already halfway through the summer, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kate was already pregnant. She’s been looking a bit different lately, carrying more weight on her face and stomach than usual. People have already been calling her pregnant, but now we have proof that she and William are actively trying to give little George a sibling.

Keep in mind, this article was written a while ago, which means that Will and Kate probably hadn’t started trying at that point. But if Katie Nicholl says something about the royals, you know it’s true – or at least, royal-approved [she does have a tendency to fawn over the royals sometimes]. There’s no way Vanity Fair would report on something if they was any concern of its veracity, so here we have our confirmation: even if Kate’s not pregnant right at this moment, she will be very soon barring any unforeseen complications.

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