Pregnant Kate Middleton Tormented by Queen Elizabeth: Moving To Anmer Hall For To Hide Second Pregnancy Baby Bump – Rumors

Pregnant Kate Middleton Tormented by Queen Elizabeth: Moving To Anmer Hall For To Hide Second Pregnancy Baby Bump - Rumors

When Kate Middleton first moved into Kensington Palace last fall she believed it was a wise move. Bringing her new son Prince George closer to the royal family seemed like a great idea but unfortunately Kate quickly realized that it was a huge mistake. While The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William have occupied a spacious apartment at Kensington they have actually shared the palace with at least 7 other family members and it has been more than a little too close for comfort. According to the July 14th print edition of Life & Style Magazine Queen Elizabeth purposely likes to move the royal family members into her properties. She then kind of views them as her own dollhouses, where she can control the people inside.

Sources say that while Kate understands that her wardrobe malfunctions have caused some real problems she hates having The Queen constantly trying to dictate how she should parent Prince George. Even worse, Kate is under pressure to get pregnant for the second time and produce a spare to the heir. This has led to countless rumors and plenty of second son baby bump spotting such as at last week’s Tour de France photo shoot.

Kate feels that Elizabeth keeps stepping on her toes and the clashes are intensifying. Her solution is to relocate the family to a new home base in the country. Kate and William own a country home at Anmer Hall and after renovations are complete and Kate’s pregnancy confirmed they will be setting up permanent residence there.

Apparently William agrees with his wife because he’s not exactly resisting her plan to move the family. It probably is the wisest move, especially since Kate and Elizabeth are the two most important women in his life. Rather than dealing with constant clashing a little bit of space will do wonders for everyone. Are you surprised that Kate decided to move out from beneath Elizabeth’s thumb? Tell us your

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9 responses to “Pregnant Kate Middleton Tormented by Queen Elizabeth: Moving To Anmer Hall For To Hide Second Pregnancy Baby Bump – Rumors”

  1. thebutcher says:

    Where do you get this shit? Sounds like you just dream up stupid situations and call it “journalism”

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  3. C Brahm says:

    The only things in this schlock which the writer got right are the names of the characters involved. Other than that, I place no credence whatsoever in anything that Meighan had to say here.

    Oh, and it’s “Elizabeth,” not “Eliazabeth.”

    • Jenn says:

      Maybe someone made a mistake typing. the person will look over and correct their mistake. Sorry about “t“ in The I was rubbing out the sentence.

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  5. Cynthia Winkler says:

    W&K do not own Anmer Hall. Anmer Hall is owned by. . .The Queen! So they still have to live by The Queen’s rules!

  6. Guest says:

    Kate is a ridiculous creature. Surprised Queen hasn’t offed her head.

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  8. The queen made countless mistakes with raising her own children. Therefore, it’s not at all surprising that three of the four have been divorced; in fact, Princess Anne has gone that route TWICE. So, it’s patently ludicrous that the queen should expect to dictate to William and Kate about how to run their marriage or raise THEIR son. I truly applaud Kate’s courage in taking a Diana-like stand and insisting on raising HER son George the way in which she sees fit. I also think that the queen underestimates Kate in that she’s still viewed as “just a commoner.” Maybe that “commoner” is exactly what the royal family needs right now! It’s only served to increase their popularity, as a sharp contrast to how unpopular Charles and the Rottweiler still are. Diana was truly the Queen of People’s Hearts. And the people of Great Britain have a LONG memory when it comes to how horribly the royal family treated the People’s Princess. As an interesting aside, I also theorize that a behind-the-scenes deal was struck between the queen and Charles. The queen allowed Charles to marry his mistress, who was so instrumental in breaking up his marriage to Diana, if Charles agrees to abdicate in favor of William. Clearly, it will take a power couple like William and Kate to carry the British royal family into the 21st century and continue to make it relevant and well loved by the people. As far as that goes, Charles and Camilla simply won’t do.