Kate Middleton and Prince William Fight Over Baby Number Two as Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles Plot to Steal The Throne

Kate Middleton and Prince William Fight Over Baby Number Two as Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles Plot to Steal The Throne

There is a serious power struggle going on behind the scenes in the royal family, one that is likely to spill out into the regular press long before the mess disappears. We have been telling you for well over a year now that Queen Elizabeth would much prefer to have Prince William and Kate Middleton next take the throne. While the position of King is Prince Charles’ birthright that doesn’t mean that he is the best man for the job. In fact it is probably just the opposite and most royal watchers will readily admit it. However, Charles has his nasty wife Camilla Parker-Bowles constantly yapping at him to man up and take the position that he has inherited. Good old Cami has also threatened to divorce Charles and tell all of his alleged gay secrets to the drooling press. The fear of that seems to have her pulling Charles’ strings lately.

We have watched as Charles has suddenly been very willing to step up and take over for ailing Elizabeth. In performing some of her royal duties he has also shuttered the Kensington Palace press office which handled publicity for William, Kate and Prince Harry. In other words, this is the office that has helped us all to kind of fall in love with the younger royals. It has also made them seem a bit more relatable and in tune with the British people. Now all press is cleared through Charles’ office and his press secretary Sally Osman which means that we’ll hear far less about what Kate is wearing and why Wills seems like such a nice guy.

William sees that while it looked like the possibility of being the next King of England was right in front of him, he sees it is slipping quickly away. Queen Elizabeth’s health is fading and that means that she has less energy to fight Charles and Cami to get William installed on the throne. Prince George is the brightest spot in Elizabeth’s life and William believes that if he and Kate were expecting another baby, the spare to the heir, then it would light a fire under the Queen to push for Will to bypass his father and ascend the throne. Unfortunately for William, while Kate agrees that this plan to motivate Elizabeth by dangling the prospect of another grandchild could work, she is in absolutely no rush to get pregnant. You can be sure that canny Camilla has explained to Charles the danger their plan to cease the throne faces if Kate gets pregnant! Camilla realizes that the Queen will favor Will and Kate even more strongly with a royal bun in the oven.

William has reportedly been pushing for Kate to cave in and get pregnant fast – he is willing to do his part but she is resisting.  This it has put the first real wedge between them since they married. We’re used to Kate and William appearing to be very much in sync but not on this issue. Kate is grateful to have a healthy son, her body back to its extremely attractive and fit condition, and to be over her bout with Postpartum Depression (PPD). William kind of sees Kate going through a difficult pregnancy again as taking one for the team, a temporary situation that she will overcome again. Instead of caving in and allowing Will to impregnate her Kate snatched up George and headed off on her annual trip to Mustique with the Middletons – leaving nothing at all settled with William.

Do you think he will wear Kate down? Even if he does, and Kate becomes pregnant, will it put him in a better position to snatch the Crown from out of Charles’ grasp? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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