Kate Middleton and Prince William To Bypass Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles as Head Of Commonwealth?

Kate Middleton and Prince William To Bypass Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles as Head Of Commonwealth?

For all the rumors that Prince William will be skipping over his father to become the next head of the Commonwealth, what is the actual possibility of that happening? Technically, could that even happen? Legally and without a royal coup, of course.

The public certainly wants it enough, but would it be allowed? The throne will automatically be passed onto Prince Charles, and short of him giving up the crown, there’s nothing that can be done there to have William replace him. However, the Commonwealth is another matter – and one that is slightly more complicated. Apparently, the Commonwealth role will not automatically pass to Prince Charles, but rather, will be decided upon by the 53 commonwealth leaders.

This means that if those 53 leaders deem William more suitable than Charles, they could very easily appoint him to head the Commonwealth instead of Charles. The Daily Mail and other British tabloids have already suggested that in the wake of Prince William’s very successful tour of Australia and New Zealand, and Prince Charles’ recent not-so-successful public appearances, there is plenty of support for William to become the head of the Commonwealth.

I mean, the public can’t get enough of William, Kate Middleton, and baby Prince George. The whole world is obsessed with them, and if this was a popular vote, you can bet that Will would win by a landslide. I mean, Will and Kate over Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles? Puh-lease, that contest wouldn’t even be a contest. The public despises Camilla, and their feelings for Charles are usually either apathetic or active dislike as well. And there’s no doubt that if Will were to become the next head of Commonwealth, Kate would do a wonderful job of keeping the public appeased. Will Camilla manage to do the same? Many people are already dreading the public faux-paus that Charles and Camilla will no doubt commit when they’re King and Queen of England, and there’s absolutely no groundswell of support for them to take over the throne. If the public can’t keep Queen Elizabeth on the throne, they want Prince William – not Charles.

Anyway, this is all theoretical because the Commonwealth leaders would never separate the Commonwealth role from the monarch. It would cause too much of a controversy, and the Commonwealth has already shown themselves to be quite averse to taking risks.